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Member since: Sat Dec 10, 2016, 11:59 PM
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Remember when you were a little kid

and it was Christmas Eve and you couldn't sleep because you were so excited because the next day was Christmas and you couldn't wait to see what Santa had brought you? This is so not like that.

I'm wondering what General Mattis would do

if he were given proof that Trump colluded with Russia to influence the election? I don't see him being too happy about that.

Buyer's remorse

I met a friend tonight I hadn't seen for a while at a local restaurant. I know she voted for Trump because I tried to talk her out of it. One of the first things she said is he needs to stop tweeting, he needs to stop saying those hateful things. I told her I didn't think so because that's who people voted for and that's what they got and they should see exactly what it is they got. Then she told me she has heard things and wanted to know what was going on. I told her what I know, thank you DU, and she was very open to learning more. She is a very trusting soul and I don't think she was able to fathom the corruption behind the Trump campaign. I think that might be true for a lot of people.

What distresses me is to see that human genius has limits and human stupidity none. Alexandre Dumas

I keep waiting for Trump to hit bottom but he just keeps digging, and digging and digging... Then I read what some senators and congressmen are saying about repealing ACA and they confirm that Alexandre Dumas was correct.

Bribes and kickbacks, sounds about right

The following is from the 35 page report on page 8:

"4. In terms of the intelligence flow from the TRUMP team to Russia, Source E reported that much of this concerned the activities of business oligarchs and their families’ activities and assets in the US, with which PUTIN and the Kremlin seemed preoccupied.

5. Commenting on the negative media publicity surrounding alleged Russian interference in the US election campaign in support of TRUMP, Source E said he understood that the Republican candidate and his team were relatively relaxed about this because it deflected media and the Democrats’ attention away from TRUMP’’s business dealings in China and other emerging markets. Unlike in Russia, these were substantial and involved the payment of large bribes and kickbacks which, were they to become public, would be potentially very damaging to their campaign."

Just some thoughts...So Trump and his team were spying on Russians for Putin. Just gotta wonder what is meant by "asset." Isn't that a synonym for spy? Trump was/is very cavalier about the Russian hacking and he has gone out of his way to anger China. Maybe a business deal there fell through? I don't see him taking it well if bribes were paid and he didn't get what he thought he paid for or he was expecting kickbacks that never came.

If just this little bit of those 35 pages is true, I'd say he's in deep kimchee.
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