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Member since: Sat Dec 10, 2016, 07:14 PM
Number of posts: 147

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I hope Trump doesn't say a word today

It will be nice to let this be John McCain day, True American he valued his country over himself, the senate will be alot dimmer without him carrying the liberty torch to the senate, he's a patriot I don't agree with some of politics but I know he would never betray is country. COUNTRY FIRST.

Victory, Victory ✌️

The corrupt are falling finally, the American people are winning,

Finally we got a fighter to fight trump

Michael avenatti is the person we need to fight Donald trump finally someone with balls

Republicans are cheats and underhanded

So anyways in my congressional district for senate there's Elise stefonick and Tedra Cobb, a video was secretly being recorded when the parkland shooting occurred were Tedra made a comment about gun control. So not a big deal right, well it was with a small group of democrats, anyways there's a secret republican that was there posing as a Democrat so the video went viral to discredit Tedra. Elise response is that she doesn't know the kid who did it but there's photos of her with the kid who took the video, dirty tricks, so stay tuned it's gonna get interesting lol

Democrats need a fighter

Democrats need someone to charge up the base, they need someone who can take on Trump. It's about the economy we need to focus on, and I hope democrats see this if not they will not win, people we can't become radical left we need to be center,

More Trump disinformation

Trump is laying the groundwork to stop a blue wave, he's getting the lies out if democrats win in November elections for congress, by spreading disinformation that Russians will help the democrats, so the elections can be contested, Pure Evil 😈

There's no arguing Trump is a traitor

I feel sick to my stomach, Trump committed treason rate in front of the world, I wonder who he sold out also, I think everything thing has been compromised, even some gop senators are also in it, like Devin Nunes
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