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Member since: Sat Dec 10, 2016, 07:14 PM
Number of posts: 151

Journal Archives

Please tell me that fucker is gone ,I still can't believe it

So Twitter put me in a time out

The reason is I called sean hannity a racist nazi piece of shit

Iam so pissed off

So elise the piece of shit stefanick and butt licking Mike pence is coming to my backyard at Fort Drum ,why the hell they have the balls after all the carnage they caused ,wtf can't believe it all those soldiers are being disrespected being used as a political stunt to save face ,come on total bullshit , they are not welcomed here and I hope the soldiers turn thier backs to them 🙏

Stop me if you think Iam crazy ,oh just kidding Iam not maga 💩

Can we label the republican a terrorist organization or is that too soon to call

The republican party is rotten

The entire republican congress needs to resign now

We are we letting Trump still be president

I guess we like drinking the poison ,rule of law is all but gone ,so what's left? nothing I assume 😟

Help for Tedra Cobb


I have realized it's not safe in America

It's very hard to shock me ,but that child with a assault rifle in Kenosha killing other kids worried me but the police knowing he was there and did nothing has shocked me so bad I have developed a 5 year plan and relocating to another country I had enough of the bullshit

Crimes against humanity

I believe it's time to say what this all means crimes against humanity.
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