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AlexSFCA's Journal
AlexSFCA's Journal
August 30, 2017

Taking a break from DU

I decided to take a break from DU and news for that matter. I realized the best part of this year for me was when I unplugged myself for two months in February-March, no news, not even NPR, music only and just focus on the family. Doing so really helped clear my mind, improve mood and gain fresh perspective on things.

DU and virtually all the news have become echo chambers devoid of any deviating points of view with strong focus on negativity.

August 18, 2017

Trump is a sponsor of domestic terrorism

I am saying it without exaggeration. IMO, it is an accurate description of his actions.

August 1, 2017

Inexcusable lack of Browder's testimony coverage

I am so upset about Bill Browder's congressional testimony lack of coverage. This was such a crucial and eloquent account if Putin's regime, Natalia Veseliniyzkaya, Magnitsky Act, Chaika, and so much more. And it was broadcasted live. You must see this in its entirety including some very important questions followed the testimony.

The entire Putin's regime is dependent on his ability to gurantee impunities and access to money to the thousands in his surrounding. The global Magnitsky Act and a possibility of adding additional names to the list have the power of destroying his entire regime! No small feat! The reason we are discovering so much more details about his dealings is that some people in his surrounding are leaking the info in an attempt to focrce him to fight harder for their impunities. It is his #1 goal to repeal Magnitsky Act and he will stop at nothing including launching a war. Those are endless billions that he has collected throughout his 'presidency'.

The fact that Browder is alive while there are hundreds that are funded by Russian governemnt to destroy him, is no small feat. He is Putin's enemy #1 who was instrumental in the passing of Magnitsky Act. The media needs to learn that whenever there is a colorful distraction set up by trump (e.g. scaramucci, uneforceable anti trans tween, etc.) is a sign that he wants us to distract from what really matters. Why can't even CNN just focus on that other, real, issue 100% on that day/week? Imagine if all CNN did is talk about Browder without even mentioning the mooch for the whole day or days.

Adoptions = 'Magnitsky Act'.

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