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AlexSFCA's Journal
AlexSFCA's Journal
February 7, 2017

Trump Regrets (fascinating)!

Not sure if it's been posted. I find it incredibly therapeutic to read posts from dissapointed trump voters. https://mobile.twitter.com/Trump_Regrets

It gives me hope and belief in the resilience of our country. What I am seeing is that trump is 100% focused on his most extreme base - alt right. Everything he does and tweets is pure alt right. And it's probably only 20% of his voters, if even that. Alt righters are not brave, they are predominantly online and are afraid to come out in public because of repercussions and for fear of losing their jobs. They saw how spencer was treated, even trump sort of disavowed those nazis.

The other 80% voted on jobs and (illegal) immigration! And he is not bringing it (yet). The first thing he does is muslim ban and endless controveries, scandas, lies, tweeter, putin, berating USA, etc.

I beleive those 'buyer's remorse' voters should be our strongest allies in the quest to defeat trump.

February 1, 2017

Town Hall meetings

Do any of you go to town hall meetings with your representative?

I signed up for my first town hall meeting, albeit via telephone with my house rep.
I will read my statement about why I think what's happening amounts to a coup and why I think our democracy is being destroyed.
Similar to my post a few days ago, I will provide the background about Putin, Dugin, Bannon. My goal is to have house rep who has staff and resources, to look into it.
Connect the dots, expand inquiry and go to the media with this information.Start freaking educating the public! People did not vote for Bannon!! This is so mich bigfer than Obamacare!!

The issue at hand is that most trump voters think trump is in charge and that's who they voted for. Once they understand who Bannon is and that he is in charge of all policies and that trump is basically just a puppet. Once they understand what is the true intent of the proposed policies, etc. Maybe, just maybe, some trump supporters will start looking into this closer and they will find out for themselves.

We need at least some buyer's remorse for successful impeachment. Bannon might be the key.

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