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Jean-Jacques Roussea

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Member since: Fri Dec 9, 2016, 12:51 PM
Number of posts: 475

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They should make it so if the president knowingly lies to the public they're charged with perjury

Just thinking about the new constitutional amendments limiting the powers of the president we're going to need soon
Posted by Jean-Jacques Roussea | Thu Dec 15, 2016, 11:29 PM (3 replies)

Did anyone else flip their positions on the 2nd amendment in the last month?

Before Nov 9th I was all like "hahah tea partiers eat shit there's never gonna be a time when the government in tyrannical enough that we need assault rifles if some time in the future we want to overthrow it".

Now I'm like "n-now hold on a sec... maybe there's something to this after all/w-what's the best guns to take down an unmanned gold-plated drone?"
Posted by Jean-Jacques Roussea | Thu Dec 15, 2016, 08:55 PM (43 replies)

How can a single Trump supporter NOT feel duped? How can anyone still support him?

He fucking admits to leading his voters by the nose and not having a legitimate platform. What the fuck?
Posted by Jean-Jacques Roussea | Thu Dec 15, 2016, 06:40 PM (5 replies)

Convincing Republican Electors: DOs and DON'Ts

-Talk about the popular vote (exception if it's referring to Clinton being the only viable option besides Trump, but still downplay it)
-Talk about the electoral college's viability (you may even want to praise it for "giving small states a voice"
-Talk about the Russian hacking whatsoever
-Talk about Trump's racism, misogyny, or xenophobia
-Talk about his campaign
-Talk about voter fraud
-Talk about immigrants
-Talk about civil rights
-Talk about abortion
-Talk about anything LGBTQ
-Talk too much about his business conflicts


-Present yourself as a lifelong commie-fearing republican (Trump-voter for added measure)
---Mention Trump's admiration for Putin (use direct quotes) and how Putin is an ex-KGB modern Czar
-Mention tyranny regarding Trump targeting free speech, and rallying his base to attack and jail citizens and journalists
---Refer to this as a slippery slope towards communism
-----Mention the union boss attacked by his followers
-----Mention he'll have the NSA/CIA/FBI at his disposal
-----Mention how first amendment rights being stripped will directly tie into the repeal of the second amendment
--------("He's gonna take away our guns!"
-Refer to Hillary as "evil" or "crooked" but in purely monetary ways that will not influence daily life much
---Convince them that congress will keep her defanged
-------("Put her feet to the fire."
---Throw in a line about her being impeached immediately and casting their vote for her would be like voting for Tim Kaine instead
-Sprinkle in some casual misogyny like "Man up", "Be a man and do the right thing", "Don't be a wimp"
-Associate Trump with wanting to be a part-time president
---Compare this to Reagan (make up some bullshit)
---Draw a connection between him and Hollywood elites since he's staying on to produce the Apprentice

Key Talking Points:
-Carrier deal
---Call it "socialist" and mention a "nanny state"
---How he attacked unions and his followers began sending him death threats
-Boeing and the F-35 program
---Tanking the stocks caused/will cause massive layoffs
---Boeing and the F-35 production provide hundreds of thousands of jobs nationwide (probably some in their home state, look it up if you have the time)
---Trump's cabinet
-----Wall street douchebags
-----Rick Perry was on Dancing With The Stars
-----His doners are getting cushy jobs in high posts despite having no qualifications (say "pay-to-play"; but don't mention the double standard with HRC)
-----Talk about his children ("I elected that man, not his childen"
-Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security
---Talk about how he'll take them away
---Talk about veterans who survive on them
---Talk about Putin's history of oppression
---Talk about Duterte (mention his quote about wanting to gang rape someone or his death squads)
---Talk about how Assad wants to make nice with Trump (throw in some illogical stuff about that bringing refuges)

GENERAL RULE: Make the elector see themselves as an American patriot for voting for Clinton. Make them feel like a brave warrior who sacrificed themselves and their principles (we all know they're great at sacrificing those) for a greater good. Liken them to the American revolutionaries who rejected King George. That this is the modern equivalent of the Boston Tea Party. How they'll go down in history as "The Faithful Electors of 2016".

Keep your language simple. Try to sound like your parents do in emails. If you need to quote, quote from the federalist papers and George Washington's farewell address. No Lincoln,JFK,Roosevelt if you can.

If you feel bad about lying in an email, that it's deceptive, let me remind you: All election season Republicans have compromised every single ideal, moral, and value that they held dear just to get their guy elected. We need to do the same now. This is do or die guys.
Posted by Jean-Jacques Roussea | Thu Dec 15, 2016, 02:22 PM (5 replies)

Obama needs to introduce legislation restricting the NSA immediately

It's too dangerous to hand over to Trump. After he makes libel a criminal offence he'll be able to find every negative comment about him and arrest en masse. We only got over that Snowden stuff because Obama seemed so chill and unlikely to abuse it.
Posted by Jean-Jacques Roussea | Thu Dec 15, 2016, 10:07 AM (7 replies)

Youth vote 2008: 66% for Obama / Youth vote 2016 55% for Hillary

Save the fact that one a charismatic young black guy, and the other was your grandmother; what other factors contributed towards the 11 point discrepancy? Was it a Brexit "rage against the establishment" thing? Hillary was just too establishment for them?
We lost a lot of effective political satire television programs in the last 8 years too. Colbert and Stewart could generally produce very adept reporting and commentary and were some of the best debaters that you could find. Stewart had debated O'Reilly many times on Fox (tapping into a usually unreachable conservative viewership) and even crossed blades Roger Ailes in private debate. Their dedication to reaching bipartisan mockery was no secret either. The successors to these legacies (Sam Bee, John Oliver) tend to be more partisan and hit the right far harder, making it harder to hit the center and feeding into the propagation of the "liberal elitism" talking point. South Park was very anti-Hillary (and just fucking unfunny) this year.
Posted by Jean-Jacques Roussea | Wed Dec 14, 2016, 07:42 PM (41 replies)

The media's ADD and subversion of public unrest.


Does anyone think that our corporate overlords cut to flashy nonsense stories that draws our attention away from the outrage we should be feeling towards things that actually matter purposefully?
We all know it's part of the "quest for ratings" but do they want to keep us (democrats in particular) docile and subdued? Unable to collectively concentrate long enough to form cohesive movements?
Conservative media is a 24/7 hate-funnel of outrage and fear. This translates into very real political action. But we're stuck with this trickle of "thousands are being gunned down in Al- and we're gonna switch over to Donald Trump talking to an entertainer".
Progressive media sources keep us both entertained and informed and try to form a union between the two. Subconsciously, it may start to become harder to form a distinction between the two and the same disconnect of reality that we get watching entertainment media will bleed into informative media; resulting in lethargy and a lack of urgency or general lack of affect from the viewer.

Posted by Jean-Jacques Roussea | Wed Dec 14, 2016, 06:02 PM (0 replies)

Christie, Giuliani, Cruz; chances on somebody pulling a political "et tu Brutus"?

These fuckers sacrificed every semblance of pride and self-respect they had and were just about his only avid supporters among establishment republicans. Since election night they've been gradually shed like Trump's upper-scalp dandruff. House republicans support him in lip-service only and are just waiting to remove him and install Pence.

Most think he won't last 4 years, but the question is; who will be the one to finally bring him down?

Posted by Jean-Jacques Roussea | Tue Dec 13, 2016, 11:43 PM (1 replies)

Reject federal taxes in protest of electoral college

Good vessel for change? We know that election reform will never happen because the laws are always written by those who benefit from it's flaws. If a nationwide "No taxation without representation" gained traction it could very well open the door. Red states would cascade economically if the blue ones stopped feeding the fed.

The "No taxation without representation" thing has some good branding and conservatives would find it hard to argue against because a)It's a very "states rights" sentiment b)Tea party has been saying that shit for years c)General association with patriotism d)Tax avoidance is apparently the only form of protest they accept
Posted by Jean-Jacques Roussea | Tue Dec 13, 2016, 04:09 PM (9 replies)
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