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Profile Information

Name: Ed
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Arizona
Home country: USA
Current location: Arizona
Member since: Tue Dec 6, 2016, 11:41 AM
Number of posts: 964

Journal Archives

Did Al Capone claim that he was being persecuted?

Before going to jail on a tax charge.

It's a house. No, it's a resort. No, it's a hotel. No it's a club.

Nah, it’s a crime scene.

At what point ...

… can Mango Musselini’s Secret Service protection be removed?

I confess... I turned to Fucks after the speech.

KKKarl Rove said “Imagine if you could sue a car manufacturer after an auto accident.” And the Foxbots would just agree. Group think.

Just for sake of argument ...

… Let’s say that we manage to get complete gun control. Would the angered Repubs be so crazed that some of them would take their guns and attack schools, supermarkets, theaters, etc. - Just to show everybody that gun control doesn’t work. Better to be crazy than have to give up their guns.

Mississippi Guv gets it ass backwards.

On the Sunday talk shows, the Mississippi Governor was asked about some of the failures of Mississippi government. Things like a poor educational system, lack of financial support for young mothers, maternal and child death rates, lack of time off for maternity leave, etc. His response was that "we should work on that."

These are problems in his state that young pregnant women often cite as the reasons for getting an abortion. Shouldn't these things get fixed first before considering an abortion ban? Better schools, healthcare, and financial and social support might just be enough to tip the scales in favor of bearing a child. Then there would be less need for having an abortion.

The Governor is not in favor of supporting young mothers, just exerting power over them. He could do much better, Have a state "trigger" law to support a better life for young people despite the Court ruling, instead of a trigger law to stop abortions.

If Ted Cruz can fantasize Mickey and Pluto "going at it"....

… could DeSatan’s recent actions indicate that he is f**in’ Goofy???

"The right of the people to bear arms ... shall not be infringed."

That being the case, why can gun dealers and manufacturers claim the "right" to charge people for their guns? Isn't forcing people to pay for their gunz a form of "infringement"? Since the 2nd Amendment is about "a well-regulated militia," then guns should be given away by the government. Socialism!

Is only water restricted in Georgia voting lines?

How 'bout if Coca Cola, in an attempt to show support for voters, distributed some other Coke Products, such as Powerade, to all those in line to vote.

Could Trump qualify for a security clearance today?

If not, he shouldn’t be entitled to get security briefings.

If not, he shouldn’t be allowed to run for further office.
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