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Member since: Tue Dec 6, 2016, 10:49 AM
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Medical question:

Would an OB/GYN in a forced-birth state be reluctant to induce labor because some of the meds typically used (oxytocin) are also sometimes used in abortions?

I've decided to ghost my Trumpite sibs.

They live in their own community with their own reality, their own media, their own facts, their own morality, and their own logic. I can see no benefit in dialog anymore with someone who thinks a serving of incoherent word salad heavily dressed with mendacity is somehow a discussion.

I give up.

A pro-lifer I know is scheduled for some much-needed orthopedic surgery,

I have this mad urge to get a temporary restraining order stopping the surgery because of some 13th century jurisprudence that says it's against the natural order to cut into bones.

See how he likes it.

Before you write a long explanation of how this is not possible, remember I did say it was mad.

This is a rant: At this point in time are there any Trump supporters who aren't full-blown Nazis?

Seriously, why not just be done with pretense already and don brown shirts and swastika armbands.

Should men in antiabortion states start using period-tracker apps?

Y'know. Flood the channels with noise.

The Endgame is happening now.

If the R's get more governors, gain control of more state legislatures, or take the House and/or the Senate, it's hard to see how it's not game over.

I'm wondering how the 1% envision their lives in a gun-soaked country.

Seems like endlessly shuttling between heavily guarded walled compounds in motorcades of armored limos would get to be a drag after a while.

Shun the Gun

I posted this essay on DU several years ago. This is it, unchanged.

By now, it's pretty clear that our government is in the grip of the pro-gun forces. Exactly why this is true is a puzzle, since poll after poll shows strong support for sane gun legislation, but it is undeniable.

The gun people may control our government, but they don't control us. I think we should use as a role model the success of the anti-drunk-driving movement. Remember back when drunk driving was a joke? When people would laugh at old Harry leaving the bar shitfaced and weaving down the road? Then people got fed up and started pushing the attitude that drunk driving was a danger to human life and that people who insisted on getting behind the wheel when drunk were, not to mince words, potential murderers.

It's time to turn that same kind of thinking against our gun-insane culture. People who act out their fantasies about guns or enable those who do are no different than those drunk drivers and their enablers. It's time to shun them, disassociate ourselves from them, stop doing business with them, stop visiting their homes and letting our children play there, stop patronizing business that fail to use the full extent of the law to make their premises gun-free and pass up no opportunities to let them know that we no longer consider them fit members of a civilized society.

It's time to go beyond debating society tactics. We need to emphasize the gun people's willingness to be patsies for the firearms manufacturers, their irrationality, their utter lack of empathy with victims of gun violence, their connections to racist and neo-Nazi organizations, their fearfulness that compels them to go everywhere armed, and their inadequacies that make them crave a penis substitute (yes, I absolutely would go there).

* But guns have been a part of my family for years.

Three things: in my desk is a Barlow knife, a holdover from my years growing up on the farm. Back then, all of us usually had a knife in our pockets. It was a handy tool, frequently used. But, guess what? Times change. If a kid in junior high has a jackknife in his pocket, do we say, "Oh well, he probably uses it to cut the twine on hay bales?" Of course not, because the kid probably wouldn't know a hay bale from a pale ale. People would think it's a weapon and they'd probably be right. I don't take my Barlow knife on planes or into Federal buildings or anywhere, really. Times have changed.

The second: on the Colorado River in Arizona, there's a dam: the Laguna Diversion Dam. It's fairly unremarkable except for one thing: it's festooned with swastikas. No, not graffiti, but swastikas actually cut into the stone of the dam as part of its architecture. WTF you say. Seems that the dam was built in the early part of the 20th century, before WWII and the Nazis. The swastika was then the symbol of an Hindu god Indra, who had the power to control water. Somebody thought it would be a cool decoration, and it was, at least until Hitler and the Nazis came along and just really totally owned the swastika. Now, when anybody sees a swastika, they think of dive-bombing Stukas, Panzer tanks, Blitzkreig, and the Holocaust. If you want to worship Indra, forget the history, you can't use the swastika anymore. That's the way it is with guns now. When we talk about gun policy, it isn't about kindly old uncle Jack and his classic Baker double-barreled shotgun. It's about assault weapons with 100-round drum magazines and dozens of dead people.

And the last: While our national gun policy was evolving, it was a constant thing that we must respect the rights of hunters, recreational shooters, and others with legitimate uses and moderate views of guns. I thought it sounded good at the time, but at every turn the "moderates" made common cause with the extremists. You guys had a million chances to get on the side of the angels and you blew every one. I have no sympathy for you any more.

* I need guns to protect myself and my family.

If guns could protect you and your family then you should have them but they don't. Statistically, a gun in the house is far more likely to be turned on someone in the house or known to someone there. A gun that's at the ready to be used in seconds during a surprise home invasion is also ready to be picked up by a six-year-old. You might as well repel intruders by allowing a hundred rattlesnakes to slither around in your house. Yeah, technically it would work, but you'd be dead.

* I need guns to repel tyranny.

Who the hell are you going to shoot? And when? Did you know, for example, that Hitler was *elected* to his first position of power? Would you have shot him then? Do you possess some sort of Tyranny Meter? Do you start picking off local beat cops and sheriff's deputies when the state legislature passes a law you don't like? Maybe wait for the Bat signal? Or, do you wait until tanks are actually rolling down the streets? You think your tricked out hunting rifle with the cool GI Joe paint job is going to work against tanks?

* My kids need to learn how to handle firearms.

Yeah, and your kids could benefit from learning to drive an eighteen-wheeler too -- when they grow up. Teaching a kid how to use deadly force before they're emotionally mature enough to understand what it's all about is just asking for trouble. And, yes, I know your pappy took you hunting when you were twelve, but really, would the world come to an end if kids had to wait for some maturity before they started punching holes in wild animals?

* I have a constitutional right to carry a gun.

Yeah, a constitutional right that was suddenly discovered by a right-wing Supreme Court over 200 years after the Second Amendment was ratified. By our system of government, that makes it the law of the land, but we as individuals can still recognize it as a bad verdict and give the finger to people who assert it's legitimacy.

I haven't changed my mind about anything in there, but Ihave decided to kick it up a notch on a personal level. Basically:

* If somebody has guns, they're off my friend list. I'm a fanatic now, pitting fanaticism against fanaticism. Sue me.

* If an establishment sells guns, I won't go in there.

* To the extent possible, I plan to boycott businesses in pro-gun states.

* If I'm at s social event and someone there starts to spout off about guns, I'm outta there.

* And other stuff, TBD.

Reasons there are very few mass shootings in other first-world countries.

1. The people are all devout Evangelical Christians who attend church regularly.

2. Their movies, tv shows, and video games contain almost no violence.

3. There are almost no LGBTQ people there and the few there are stay closeted.

4. There's no socialism to be seen anywhere.

5. Men and women are virgins when they marry and stay faithfully married for life.

6. Minorities there are never uppity.

7. Everyone is constantly armed, so they're all unflaggingly polite.

8. There's very little mental illness there.

9. No one is ever unpopular or ostracized.

10. All their public gathering placed are impregnable fortesses with only one door.

11. Even though the End Times are coming for everyone, America gets extra special Trials and Tribulations.

OK, NRA. Can I haz $$$ now?

Considering the scale of the Southern Baptist sex abuse scandal...

...and their zeal for sweeping it all under the rug, isn't it likely that more than a few abortions resulted -- and some of those paid for by the abusers.
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