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Member since: Sat Dec 3, 2016, 04:31 PM
Number of posts: 2,633

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Liberal, gay, tree hugging activist whenever I can afford.

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Trumpism viewpoint

Holy canolies, DU'ers. I'd read about TFG getting booed, I didn't know Alex Jones is stirring the crap bucket now. "Amygdala hijack"... interesting... but stupid. Explains a lot about the wildly irrational tantrums I'm seeing from the dwindling Trumpers...



Although I call him Tiago cause he's no saint.
I've so enjoyed spending some time with this little Tasmanian devil.
But my COVID "sabbatical" time is coming to an end.
I work as a medical Xray/CT tech, I had the COVID early in the pandemic.
My 13 year old mellow yellow Labrador crossed the rainbow bridge last year.
Tiago here is quite a handful. I've had difficulty socializing him with other dogs.
He spent, apparently, quite some time fending for himself before I adopted him.
At 62, in some compromised health, man he's been a handful but now nearly a year after
adopting him I don't know what I'd do without him.
The services are clawing at me to come out of retirement and resume work.
I have some family caregiver duties to complete first.
Fair likelihood of landing in the SF bay area--- as much as there are plenty of doggie day care options...
I'd certainly prefer to arrange day accommodations for him, someone with a well fenced yard this October.

Guilt tripping

I'm dealing with an unexpected eruption of homophobia, hilarious in one aspect, major guilt trip regurgitating, even deadly serious in yet another. Had some PTSD nightmares last night, therapeutically getting it out of my system:
Nutshell PTSD: life threatening BS at the behest of close relatives of the Westboro idiots, long ago, ran away from home, had to survive street urchin homelessness circa 1976. A lot of therapy later... all good now.
Until I turned up to assist my brother with upcoming back surgery, in VA slow cog turning suspense for now.
Brother had subscribed to Roku TV. We'd watched some movies together, some had HETERO sexual content... no issues.
Then I brought up an LGBTQ channel movie. Oh, man. It had a brief nude scene between the main protagonist and his lover, suggestive of sexual relations to happen.
OMG my brothers wife freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeked out. Now the "unwelcome" mat has been firmly placed by brother's wife, complicating the shit out of this whole ordeal. My brother has no one else capable/city drivable/or has vehicle he can ride home flat and relatively comfortably when this happens.
Jeebus fluck the last damn thing I needed is regurgitation of past homophobic guilt trip shit, but here it is.
Brother laughs it off with me... oops... made the in-law even madder.
I'm at a mountain retreat till this whole ordeal is past. Worst aspect of all (tongue in cheek) now I must Google up that movie to find out how it ends.

No radio

I'm a planned California fire refugee this summer, I've semi-retired, planning on only working winters until my full retirement age. Incurred some losses to the Mendocino complex fire, exacerbated health troubles from the smoke. Had the COVID early in the pandemic. I'm an essential health care provider... not this summer though. Staying at a Royal Gorge resort, discovered only one talk station comes through clearly while setting up here: oh, it would be RWNJ radio.
I listened to the Glenn Beck program as he and guest speakers bent themselves into pretzels to criticize the vaccine in this wacked manner: again and again expressing the vaccine "doesn't work" to eradicate COVID from the face of the earth, just as cold and flu style coronavirus mutants continue to thrive, only losing their crippling pathologic edge with vaccine assisted herd immunity. (cough... "eradication... said no M.D. ... ever" as my BP soared listening to this bent diatribe)
What rendered my BP meds ineffective were their implications that the CDC and Anthony Fauci had indicated such a fallacy. Only at the end of the broadcast did an M.D. guest suggest everyone get vaccinated, then quickly switched the subject to anti-mandate contrarianism. I shut it off.
Here's the potential damage Beck caused: local commuter traffic listening to this steaming pile of bullshit likely only heard the repeated "vaccines no workee" diatribes, only towards the end of the half hour was one quick flash of "get vaccinated"... the RWNJ'S likely never heard.
Got my laptop and internet radio set up now, the RV radio stays off this stay. There it was: the one time I tune in to the contrarian radio, it didn't fail to slyly misinform.
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