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Member since: Sat Dec 3, 2016, 04:31 PM
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Liberal, gay, tree hugging activist whenever I can afford.

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brasil supreme court to rule today on hate crimes legislation


Brazil’s supreme court is expected to rule Wednesday on a pair of cases that could determine whether homophobia and transphobia should be considered criminal offenses.

The cases, brought by Brazilian rights group ABGLT and the Popular Socialist Party, ask the Supreme Federal Tribunal (STF) to acknowledge the “unconstitutional delay” of Brazil’s Congress in criminalizing violence against LGBT+ people.

The joint legal actions also call on the court to set a deadline for lawmakers to pass legislation that would specifically criminalize discrimination or violence on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

A draft law criminalizing homophobic actions was first presented to Brazil’s Congress in 2001, but despite having wide popular support, the bill was never approved by the country’s Senate.

The supreme court judges are also set to decide whether attacks against gay and trans people should be considered a form of racism, and therefore automatically punishable in accordance with the Brazilian constitution.

If the court says no to that, it has been asked by the plaintiffs to create temporary laws which would make homophobia and transphobia a crime until such measures are passed in Congress.

Symmy Larrat, president of ABGLT, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation that her organization brought the case before the court not just to fight rising violence, but also to restore the LGBT community’s faith in the country’s justice system.

“We decided to file this case because of the countless attacks that the community is suffering,” she said.

“LGBT people don’t believe that they’ll see any kind of response from the state because so many people don’t regard these crimes as real human rights violations.”

SamBee 4/10

Mercury retrograde's a bugger. There's got to be a better life than mine.

I'm struggling so to get through this one.
Having put my dog through extensive surgery to remove a tumor on his leg, timely in that it was a fairly aggressive one, screwed up that the help I'd recruited to care for him while I'm at work, took the money and abandoned the dog. I came home day before yesterday to find his bandages chewed off, the dog not fed, not medicated, asked the neighbor who'd been paid to care for this what happened, to discover I believe she's back on the damn drugs and obviously totally untrustworthy, again.
Meantime, someone at work who I tend to believe is one of my antagonist signs is really being a piece of work. I'm being reminded every day to "write up" the incidents, then never given the time to do so. It's going to be one eye-opening shocker for my boss to find out the truth, rather than the snap-judgmental bill of goods they were sold.
At this point I believe I'll have to do an hour out of my own time to straighten out that mess, while i worry about my dog home alone.
I'm doing my best tolerance not to take the personal solution, quit this screwed up job and move somewhere else.
I must shower at a public facility, as my own is broken, I won't have time or money for 2 more weeks to fix. Now it turns out someone is vandalizing that place at night, and it might be locked up soon and I'll be bathing out of a bucket.
Two more weeks till I look forward to having a molar re-root canalled. Oh, joy. So much for my vacation plans. I'm a 59 year old gay widower who has absolutely not a friend in the world, no support at home, no one I can even ask to help.
So,Frosting that whole cake, I relax for a few minutes to surf the 'net, only to find out Donald Trump and Ilk, co. have just topped their own buffoonery once again, with idiots en masse cheering him on.

I've been so close to losing my whole dinner with the whole shit pie of life lately.... damn.

Now here's some brave Christians I'd be glad to break bread with! Jesus would certainly approve.

Here are 20 Methodist churches with in-your-face messages for the denominational demons... uh, I mean General Conference Curmudgeons... er, I mean bigots... well,


Arizona state secretly funding anti-LGBTQ hate group

The Arizona state government is secretly funding an anti-LGBTQ hate group by selling specialty license plates on their behalf. The “In God We Trust” plate benefits the Alliance Defending Freedom, a group that files legal challenges to overturn nondiscrimination protections that include sexual orientation and gender identity.

The plate sells for $25. $17 of the cost goes to the hate group. The state has raised over a million dollars for the organization.

Alliance Defending Freedom defended Jack Phillips in the Supreme Court Masterpiece Cakeshop case to defend the anti-gay baker who refused service to a gay couple. They’re also notorious for filing lawsuits attempting to overturn local and state nondiscrimination laws.

The group has recently filed lawsuits challenging bans on “ex-gay” conversion therapy and defended a homeless shelter’s “religious freedom” to ban transgender people from the facility.

The state is not required to tell the public where the proceeds of the sale is distributed. State senator Juan Mendez has filed legislation that would require the state to create a public list of where the money actually goes.

The list would require the state to list the name and mission statement of each group receiving benefits from the sale of specialty license plates.

“The legislation establishing this license plate passed as a floor amendment with no discussion — there was no public awareness of what was happening or where the money was going,” says Tory Roberg, the director of government affairs for the Secular Coalition for Arizona.

“People who choose the ‘In God We Trust’ plate never know that they’re sending money to ADF. It’s not on the ServiceArizona website, it’s not in the statute establishing the plate, it’s nowhere.”

Mendez has also filed a bill to repeal the sale of the license plate altogether.

“What do people not understand about the inappropriateness of this kind of fundamentalist inspired, state-sanctioned discrimination?” says David Felten, a pastor at Fountain Hill United Methodist Church, told the local media.

“This is not just an abstract violation of church-state separation. It’s a very real rejection of Arizona’s LGBTQ people by the very government that is supposed to impartially support and protect all of its citizens.
Article copy/pasted from lgbtqnation site.

GENDA passes NY state senate


7 year flashback... Keith's "worst person" Don, FOK off.

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Oh, my how far we've all fallen.
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