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Member since: Sat Dec 3, 2016, 03:31 PM
Number of posts: 1,554

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Liberal, gay, tree hugging activist whenever I can afford.

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Sent by my brother, apparently a Bill Maher contrivance, I added some lines. Feel free to add/edit

All the votes have been counted, all the courts have said no. Youíre all out of options, now pack your shit and go.
Itís clear that youíre angry, that youíre feeling quite low. That feelingís called losing, so pack your shit and go.
Pick up a new hobby, like knitting or banjo. Call your favorite hooker, just pack your shit and go. Start a cable network, try talk radio. Thereís an opening at Limbaugh, but you gotta pack your shit and go.
Cuz you treated your job like a reality show. Well, now itís been canceled, so pack your shit and go.

If you were a black man, to prison you'd go. You tried to send Hillary there, you know.†
You've murdered the masses with your fragile ego, in part because no one would tell you "NO!"
Your legacy tarnished down lower than low, the future will hate you far more than you know.†

Someone Carved "Trump" Into a Manatee's Back

They don't care about "the left". They don't care about "the blue". They don't care about animals. They don't care about the planet. They don't care enough to wear masks. They don't care about anything but being stupid MAGAt's. Here's proof:


I just want to share this because I'm still laughing so hard...

I don't even recall the Twitter post I responded to, but it was about that idiot televangelist Kenneth Copeland laughing hysterically about Joe Biden's election win. Several chimed in on what a con man he is, bilking fixed income seniors out of millions to fly luxurious jets.
I put a comment I've posted here and elsewhere about televangelists in general:
"Someone please drive a stake through that thing's black little heart."
And I got suspended for violation of TOS!
Someone is even more gullible than I thought.

Georgia has flipped!

The state that brought us the
B 52's has made us happy, happy, happy, campers!!!

Pwotect Weligious Fweedums so We cun tell you how to worship, who to marry, how to live our narrow..

I'm on a junket to western Arizona. Last evening I turned on the radio to keep awake listening to the igonramus shit these RWNJ's have the most gullible convinced of.
This video is a parody, but frankly not that far off from the BS I heard....
It made me mad enough to keep me awake driving after dark!!!


I feel like I'm banging my head against the wall in futility

Bringing this subject up, science has been solidly predicting disaster for over 50 years now. Even mentioning we must make massive changes in the way we all get around brings scoffs of childish idiocy especially from those still driving their huge gashogs.
It 's way past time it hit major media outlets.

No president of mine is without a canine

And the Bidens have two!

Western USA on fire


Is this over the top? I can never tell.


My brief discussion with a MAGA today

This client was 80 years old. She was commenting on all the choking smoke here in California. Then she lit the match...
"Why do you suppose this is happening?"
"Climate change" I retorted.
"Pish..." came her unthought-out reply, but that was abbreviated. In one sudden realization I saw the gears in this fool finally starting to turn.
So, I continued...
"No one can realistically look outside to see the devastation, the brown air, the sun that looks like an orange moon in the sky without considering
That this is getting worse yearly.
That billions of earth's inhabitants cannot continue to drive large, luxurious, individually powered vehicles without laying waste to the planet."
It was those last statements that placed this person in a position of reconsideration of all the lies we've been continually told by tRump and co..
The reaction was jaw dropping. Hearing this from a science based professional person of some authority really hit hard.
I believed I may have reversed course on a MAGAt today.
And all it took was the entire western USA on fire to do it.
Her last statement, muttered to herself as I wheeled her out to her car through all the smoky haze was:
"I've been a goddamn fool".
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