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Eliot Rosewater

Eliot Rosewater's Journal
Eliot Rosewater's Journal
July 30, 2022

My fave stand up


See her live, she is touring all the time.
July 28, 2022

I mean I can GOD DAMN REMEMBER a day in 2015 or 2016 and I am at

my stylist getting my hair attended to and my lovely 30 something wonderful friend (let's call her "Angel" but not her name) and I are discussing the virtues of the two candidates running in the Democratic Party and she gently tries to get me to see her side, her "younger and hipper" view of things that if only I would see, etc.

I tried explaining to her she doesnt know a further to the left person than me, I mean I am the guy who thinks allowing any person or corp to own EARTH is insane (land,) that services you cant survive without need to be either nationalized or HEAVILY regulated, etc. but that as a PRACTICAL matter I support Hillary but MORE importantly I am asking her to NOT bad mouth her to her clients or friends because of the possibility lots of people would NOT vote as a result of all the negativity pointed at Hillary.

My dear friend "Angel" agreed with me but then told me about her sister who was absolutely convinced Hillary was worse than anybody else running. When I asked why I got a bunch of bullshit none of which was true.

Think about just the JUDGES, and not just the SC. KAVANAUGH, think about the allegations, and he is a SC justice?

ACB, a handmaid in the CAtholic religion openly submitting to men because that is what Jesus wants her to do, a SC justice?


July 28, 2022

Where is the thread about Trump Judge offering to dismiss Bannon's case?

Using my phone at the moment, I will edit here in a minute with the link but I would’ve thought this would be a big story here today.

This is what happens when people don’t vote particularly in 2016 wind up with how many new Trump judges which in this case are willing to abandon the rule of law.

I am sure there’s already a thread here about it I just have a hard time finding things on my phone versus my laptop.


Since when do judges tell defense attorneys after a case is over how they can get them to dismiss the case?

Oh yes, see my other post about this judge.


July 26, 2022

Traitor trump does not need the most votes in 2024 to take power.

He just needs to be nominated and the red states, post the NC case 5 fascists will rule on allowing GOP to overturn any election they want, will do the rest.

DeStupid same thing.

If we dont understand this WILL happen, then we still dont get it.

Remember there are 36 gubernatorial races this November we have no idea who will be governors in 2024.

Yes, I know DeStupid isnt actually stupid, all the more reason why he is a scumbag.

July 10, 2022

Luke McGregor...Economics, Australian, Stand Up, Sitcom star...you gotta check this out


Watch his videos here, like "economics" and "power problems" and so on.

He has a degree in economics and is creator and star of a TV sitcom "Rosehaven" and costarred in UTOPIA the Australia version of "The Office" and as funny or funnier than the UK and US version. But it is not "The Office" it is an entirely different show.


I have the DVD's of "Utopia", I buy them from an Australian store and play them on a universal region player. It is worth all the trouble, it is THAT good!

This guy is political as well, liberal of course. He is talking about "inflation" here as if it is NOT just an American problem, how crazy is that!
July 7, 2022

If 100 million didnt vote in 2020, did NOT see a reason to, BELEIVE it or not

What RADICAL things can be done to get them to vote this time? 2022?

I have the one idea of using the F word on MTP to get it to go viral, discussing the fascists trying to take over America, so that some of that 100 million see it on YT when it goes viral, but I have another idea.

Are there people who would OTHERWISE vote Democratic who wont vote but would vote if they saw someone that looks MORE LIKE THEM in the WH someday?

What do you think?

July 7, 2022

Didnt a bunch of 2008 Obama voters, mostly self identified as "progressives" NOT vote in 2010

Obama's first midterms because they thought he wasn't doing what they wanted, fast enough?

The 70 days he had A SUPER MAJORITY they complained he didn't do Medicare for all, etc?

That is my memory, does anyone know if there are stats for this? I am asking for another discussion about where we are now, not trying to start an argument.

We have anybody here who did this, willing to discuss it?

July 5, 2022

Need gmail/spam help, please.

1. Typical email is "lowes gift certificate" or it will say "no sender" but it is a $500 gift card, etc

2. The address it comes from is the obvious spam/unsafe type email that I know to look for.

3. I click on report spam and unsubscribe, but to BLOCK them I have to OPEN the email first, I never open them, let alone click on something inside.

4. I have disabled in "images" - and checked following - "ask before displaying external images"

If I OPEN the email only to BLOCK it, am I at ANY risk? I use both a PC and iPhone.

And HOW do I block them from getting them in the future, I get WAY too many in my regular email.


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