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Eliot Rosewater

Eliot Rosewater's Journal
Eliot Rosewater's Journal
August 21, 2021

Why I am voting NO and I am voting FOR Kevin Paffrath...

You can vote NO and vote for who becomes governor if the recall is successful, and from what i can tell, this is our best alternative under these circumstances.

If you vote NO and leave the 2nd part blank you are allowing the GOP to pick the new governor IF we lose the recall.


Would seek to address homelessness within 60 days with “optional, emergency housing,” built by the National Guard, that provides three meals a day, showers, health care and substance abuse treatment
Would declare a state of emergency on housing and streamline permitting to build two million homes in four years, and would redevelop commercial spaces for homes
Would seek to build “net negative” housing communities, built around solar and wind farms that export energy to the rest of California
Would eliminate state income tax on the first $250,000 earned
Would legalize online and in-person gambling and seek to build Las Vegas-style casinos in partnership with casino builders, tribal communities and union workers
Would invest in wildfire prevention with technologically advanced detection and response
Would try to reduce crime by fully funding police departments, but shifting to better training and community integration instead of over-policing poor and minority communities
Would offer nonviolent offenders the option to do community service, such as cleaning streets and removing graffiti, instead of prison time
Would not impose any further COVID lockdowns, but would not ban counties or cities from imposing restrictions
Would establish ‘‘Future Schools” — two-year programs open to anyone age 16 and older that combine college, trade school, high school and financial education, and work with industry and nonprofits to create a hiring pipeline
Would seek the federal government’s help on the state’s water shortage by building a 14-foot-diameter pipeline from the Mississippi River to California
Would refocus high-speed rail money to reduce traffic congestion and pollution by building new roads, including variable-direction toll roads
Would start a daily vlog on his work as governor to boost transparency

And yes I realize you cant eliminate homelessness as described WHILE AT THE SAME TIME eliminating tax on income under $250K, clearly he has no idea how this stuff works but he is better than any con.

And writing in Gavin will not work per this


So, is it possible? Could writing in Newsom’s name save his tenure as governor?

The answer to that question is a resounding no. Only certified write-in candidates are counted, a spokesperson for the California Secretary of State confirmed to The Sacramento Bee over email.
August 17, 2021

Xfinity Internet, data usage skyrocketing after getting new TV with HDR10+

Our normal usage was about 27 GB a day, two of us using iPad, iPhone, TV's. Last 24 hours says I used 100 GB.

I watch several hours a day of 4k and HD programming, but the new Samsung does the 4k in HDR10+ mode and I know that takes more data. My wife is on her pad and phone many hours a day but she doesn't stream other than a little on FB.

Point is we used around 850 a month or 27 a day for 2 years now, and all of a sudden this drastic increase.

Last 24 hours it says I used 100 GB, so I checked to make sure only MY devices are connected, and that checks out. I made sure the ROKU's are not running or the Xbox.

I did watch quite a bit of 4k and some HDR10+ in this time period but 4 times as much? Crazy.

I guess you use about 7 GB per hour of 4k streaming? Sound right? What am I missing?

Have call into Xfinity, they escalated the issue. Waiting to hear back.

August 14, 2021

10 yr old DUI charge, debt sold by county to debt collector, still enforceable?

10 yrs ago a relative got a DUI, he was young and irresponsible and left town and never paid the fine.


Now the county where he got the ticket has sold the debt to a collector who warns in the letter (they found where he is living somehow) that they have SPECIAL enforcement privileges due to the debt being a government entity.

My first question is as it has been 10 years, could they garnish wages or tax returns at this point?

He is going to call them and make an offer to settle as he now has a job, but he doesnt know what to do on that either.

Suggestions? Yes, he should just pay it, but he is BARELY not homeless and has been homeless for years before this, any amount of money he would have to pay would threaten his huge weekly rent situation.

August 14, 2021

Ms. Pat on BET+...Patricia Williams stars in new and unique show on BET+

That is all I can say, just watch it.

You have to subscribe to BET+ but you can do a 7 day free trial.

f u n n y

August 14, 2021

McAfee All Access came with my LG laptop, it expires soon, is Windows Defender enough?

I read one article that it isnt enough as it doesnt update often enough to catch some bad stuff. But that article could have been written by someone at McAfee or Bitdefender or Norton and disguised as legit, no way of knowing.

I dont want to pay $60 to renew it if I dont have to.

If I had to remove it, could I?

Any suggestions appreciated.

p,s. everyday if I dont CATCH the popup that will start "safe search" when I restart the browser and unclick the box I will get what I assume is a new browser search and not the one I want and use, this is a daily thing I have to do, can I get rid of that permanently?

August 10, 2021

Why DeJoy still gets to destroy USPS, the traitorous FUCK!

Is it because he gets a vote on the board and there are an even number of patriots (dems) and traitorous fucking clowns (repubs) on the board and vile fuck traitor DeJoy is the deciding vote?

August 10, 2021

God DAMN you FUCKING republicans, we sit here watching FASCISTS plot

to violently overthrow the country, to replace election officials with sycophants who are CLEARLY going to NOT ALLOW democrats to win and you do NOTHING.

You sit there and argue about whether or not a family came across the border or not illegally. Or whatever NON STORY you bring up to DEFLECT the FASCIST operations of YOUR PARTY!

FUCK each and every last ONE of you

August 4, 2021

I actually like AOC and her likeminded colleagues.

We have become so accustomed to the same people doing the same thing forever, it seems.

I like that she is smart and aggressive, very much.

No "but" coming, we need more like her. I could explain why in a different post, I just wanted to make it clear that I am not here to bash her or trash her, unlike many who did nothing but to Hillary.

August 3, 2021

AOC blames Democrats so of course GOP uses it to ATTACK Democrats for the world to see

god DAMMIT... this is the kind of SHIT that will lead to us losing the House...WHY DOES SHE DO THIS???

How can ANYONE who says they are a DEMOCRAT not be FURIOUS with this shit?


If you are looking at this you are NOT MAD AT ME for posting it here, you are mad at HER for letting the GOP do this to us! If you are a Democrat, that is.

I honest to god dont know if she just doesnt understand how the game is played or
doesnt care.

At the end of the day I also care more about homeless people than the "feelings" of us Democrats, BUT when your opponent are NAZI FASCIST TERRORISTS you NEVER do this for them, FOR THEM!

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