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Eliot Rosewater

Eliot Rosewater's Journal
Eliot Rosewater's Journal
July 29, 2020

GOP suing Nancy to FORCE DEMS to vote in same room to INFECT EACH OTHER


House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, along with 20 other Republicans and four constituents, challenged the constitutionality of proxy voting in the chamber on Tuesday with a lawsuit aimed at Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The plaintiffs claim that the transition to proxy voting — spurred by the coronavirus pandemic — dilutes members’ votes, and by extension, their constituents’ collective representation.

He wants the Dems to infect and KILL each other.

When will enough people become ENRAGED and do something? I dont know either, I am afraid to go out and do almost anything.


I guess I should have included the point isnt the GOP will get their way but that they would DO THIS in the first place to try and have dems INFECT EACH OTHER to get SICK!

Dont you see how even WE are becoming desensitized to their HORRIBLE MURDEROUS BEHAVIOR?
July 29, 2020

I am guilty of DOOM and gloom predictions, but here is why...

Until "traitor" (my pet name for the child in the WH), we did not have a political party OR a rank and file of said party openly willing to violate all laws, traditions, etc.

Willing to ignore the constitution.

Willing to use the Justice Dept to attack political opponents...Willing to use said dept to WARN US NOW they will NOT accept mail in voting (Barr did it yesterday.)

So WHAT do we have planned for such an insane situation? GOP has proven they will NEVER do the right thing. Surely we are not relying on that?

Listening to Randi Rhodes today, a clerk from a USPS office called and said they were being directed to not put out for delivery ballots and some other things, and were told to delay them. Then you hear people saying their RX is 3 days late.


Oh, and in fairness to me, I predicted pretty much everything that is happening, I merely thought what was the worst thing they could do and I said that would happen. I hate that it was THAT EASY to predict their behavior. Anyone could do it. I am NOT special at all.

July 29, 2020

GOP can save millions of lives, today...25th amendment, they wont do it though.

Right now they can end this nightmare, they wont do it.

They are all ACTUALLY guilty of mass killings of Americans AND supporting Putin killing our soldiers.

Isnt it stunning the number of dead citizens the GOP is willing to accept?

The amount of destruction to our institutions, constitution, rule of law?

Almost as if NONE of that EVER mattered to them in the first place?

July 28, 2020

How do I hide Facebook posts of a certain person

I want to stay friends with a certain person but I want nothing they post or they like or they reply to etc. etc. etc. to show up on my feed how do I do that please?

July 27, 2020

Jim Jefferies interviewed Navy Seal credited with shooting Osama Bin Laden...

Jim is a very funny comedian, from Australia, his new podcast


"I Dont Know About That" is the name of it, pretty funny and good.

Now, Jim mentions the russians intefering in our election and the guy says "we do the same thing"...no, not the same thing AT ALL, our CIA is not working with PUTIN...

Then he asks him about bounties and his response is "those guys dont have to be paid to kill our soldiers."

Yes and no, and SO not the FUCKING POINT, but if you wondered how righty can justify what "traitor" does ( my name for asshole) this is how they do it.

July 27, 2020

I was wrong, traitor CANT postpone election ...

What can happen and Thom Hartmann warned of this months ago, is the 12th amendment can come into play...


The Constitution’s text requires that a group of electors, commonly called the Electoral College, chooses the next president. If a majority of electors fails to agree on a winner, Congress picks the winner in continent elections held within Congress under the terms of the 12th Amendment.

If enough states (red states) say they are unable to certify their election results due to either civil unrest or the virus, the 12th can kick in...Guess what happens then, each state gets ONE vote.

26 states are cons (traitors)
24 are dems (patriots)

The math is simple, the point of my thread STAY HOME until Nov 3, do NOT protest, do NOT give the traitors, the fascists a reason to make this happen...PLEASE!

(David Frum is why I suggested he could postpone it in the first place, he wrote an article about two dates between now and election where he could somehow do that, but I cant find the article now, maybe I imagined it, who knows at this point.)

The last time I yelled as loud as I could for people to do something was asking people to stop bashing Hillary, and here we are. That didnt work, maybe some will listen to this and pass it on..
July 26, 2020

Who is the news person anchor on MSNBC right now

Who is the news person anchor on MSNBC right now?

He just said both sides are playing politics with the relief bill for people so they can survive and pay the rent, thankfully there was a Democrat he was interviewing who corrected him, what the fuck is wrong with people

July 21, 2020

I dont know exactly what traitors orders are from Putin but something is dawning on me

He cant allow the election, we know that.

So, the more he and ICE storm troopers break the law and illegally arrest people in Chicago and San Francisco and Portland and New York City (this will all happen in the next 45 days) the more likely us patriots will react.

When we react to save our country from these fascist mass murderers, there will be chaos and there is a way traitor can use that to postpone, indefinitely, the election. (google David Frum and WH postponing election)

So beware. Maybe, as vile as they are, we should NOT protest or do anything, do not give them the satisfaction, just wait for the election?

July 11, 2020

Next Barr goes after patriots who investigated traitor. Probably Hillary and Barack too.

Like Rachel Maddow said, it was an interesting experiment, our system of justice, but it appears to be over.

The part I need folks to understand is YES Tucker Carlson wants you dead or gone...YES Barr does...YES traitor does (that is my name for the guy in the oval office)

Dead or gone, either way, and now.

Yes Moscow Mitch does...YES Rush Limbaugh does.

Long list...

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