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Eliot Rosewater

Eliot Rosewater's Journal
Eliot Rosewater's Journal
July 1, 2020

Like I said here 3 yrs ago, Rump owes Putin etal russian oligarchs 3 billion

and it is backed by Deutsche Bank or other banks somewhere, and he owes this because every single dollar he has ever had his hands on he loses.

He is the stupidest and most unsuccessful businessperson in history, per the IRS and anything he owns is losing money.

So he borrows from murderous dictators who use him to launder money and now to destroy the world.

He also wants to have a hotel built in Moscow, but gotta remember rump knows NOTHING about hotels, building them, running them, etc. NOTHING...so Putin probably doesnt want to be bothered with that and is just playing him along on that one.

July 1, 2020

Donald Rump doesnt know anything, about anything, at all...

Think about this for a minute.

Has phone calls with world leaders where he completely embarrasses himself and us time after time.

And knowing this about him, 45 million of your neighbors still WORSHIP him..

Oh, and another day GOP refuses to remove him so another 2000 people THEY KILLED

June 30, 2020

Hillary Clinton is a GREAT American patriot and would have been the BEST president of ALL time

or one of them.

GREAT patriot!

Would have had the MOST progressive administration in HISTORY!

June 29, 2020

You did nothing to protect our soldiers because you said you didnt know?

Well you know now, what are you doing now?

(of course he knew, but I sure hope someone asks this question)

June 29, 2020

Remember they reported they had to "dumbdown" PDB for him, use a lot of pictures?

Big story long time ago.

We know he doesnt get normal PDB, it was reported they had to change that when they found out how dumb he was, so they use a lot of pictures.

This was a big story a long time ago.

So they show him a picture of putin, then of a bag of money, then of an Afghan militant then of a dead American GI...he knows.

So they prove he has lied over 20,000 times since being installed in WH by putin...each time he tells a lie about something big we have the "maybe he isnt lying this one time" conversation...sigh.

Plus, I believe he doesnt even read the picture version of the PDB, they describe things to him usually...he is not literate enough to read them and understand them, never has been.

June 27, 2020

Just a quick question while I can still ASK questions, "Any nose holders here today?"

I mean with the virus and being my age with my preexisting conditions, I may not be able to ask that question in November, so I wanted to ask now...

June 27, 2020

GOP and traitor are in court RIGHT NOW to give health ins co's ability to use PRE EXISTING CONDITION

clause to EXCLUDE coverage for people with corona-virus.

GOP wants to take insurance away from ALL Americans with corona-virus, understand that this clause applies to ALL of you with health insurance...Your employer's policy or health ins co may or MAY not make exceptions for this.

Or if you are a newly hired person.

They wont just take insurance away ENTIRELY from 25 million of us, they will take it away, potentially, as far as the virus is concerned, from ALL of us.

Other than those on Medicare or Medicaid.

Most who are now on employer's policies would likely NOT be excluded for the virus, but anything is possible if they crush the law.

There is no end to the DEATH the GOP wants to cause.

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