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Eliot Rosewater

Eliot Rosewater's Journal
Eliot Rosewater's Journal
May 31, 2020

MSNBC reporter said cops fired teargas at them on purpose knowing who they were...

Ari said this just now.

Assume by fired on he meant tear gas, but they knew it was reporters and so on.

Putin and Bannon could not have written a better script.

May 30, 2020

Love Greg Daniels and Steve Carell (American version of "The Office") but "Space Force"

is a problem, the new Netflix comedy series.

1. In it you will see Fred Willard's last work, and he is HYSTERICAL! Greg Daniels said when he was done shooting what he had done that day, the improvisation he had done, the entire crew put their equipment down, stood up and applauded, which is rare, he says.

2. I like it but even before I read the reviews I was bothered by how they normalized the traitor or Rump if you will..they never mention him by name but it is clear it is him as this was his idea in the first place and there is constant mention of him and FLOTUS and it is clearly them.

3. In fact one review points out how they dont go after Rump at all but they do go after AOC, as they have a character who is clearly her and they mock her for trying to point out citizens need food, not space toys.

I doubt the producers and writers have an affection for rump, but they sure went out of their way to normalize him and took very few comedy digs at him.

May 30, 2020

Michael Rapaport did a Zoom yesterday, you can join the next one

Follow him on instagram


and he will post the meeting info for the next one...

May 23, 2020

DEMAND to know why Bolton's book is not released, the REAL reason...

I mean we all know, but if there was a tell all about Obama or Clinton by a source like this and this happened, shit...America would shut down.

May 23, 2020

I saw on FB the traitor is refusing to allow Obama's portrait to be unveiled at the WH

I dont blame rump on this one, who wants to be reminded everyday that you are a complete and total failure and the black man is one hundred million times more qualified than you and your entire cabinet and family combined are.

May 22, 2020

Vaccine in UK, Rump had us invest in it, I have a question about the traitor and the FDA


$1.2 Billion From U.S. to Drugmaker to Pursue Coronavirus Vaccine
The Trump administration announced a grant to AstraZeneca, which has licensed a potential vaccine that is in trials by Oxford University.

Caller into Randi Rhodes show said: "October surprise will be the traitor saying he has the vaccine for us, that comes from this foreign company." And so he is reelected.

Randi said no, because the FDA has rules the UK doesnt and it would take longer for them to approve it.

I am asking does the traitor have the power to override the FDA and legalize a vaccine in this situation? Which he will of course do if he can regardless of whether or not the vaccine kills us.
May 15, 2020

I am inspired by something, thank god...

I dont see, unless I am not paying attention to the right areas or things, any of the back and forth about Bernie/Joe etc.

I know some of it exists here and everywhere but I am seeing less and less.

We truly do have to put Joe Biden in the WH or we are likely to be killed.

May 14, 2020

Either Moscow Killer Mitch does what the patriots, i.e. democrats want on stimulus

or this country goes down for good. On all fronts.

Mitch is under orders from his boss not to, Putin.

He is trying to kill you and your spouse and children.

May 13, 2020

Need election expert to chime in here, what can red states do if democracy means nothing to them and

they only care about Rump staying in power?

If people cant go to the polls and the USPS is crippled, what can red states do to prevent the election from being completed?

Lets please now assume republicans care nothing about the law, OK...

What is the WORST case scenario?

May 13, 2020

If I am wrong, and boy do I hope I am, and the SC does the legal and constitutional thing

and does rule against the fascist on his taxes, WHO/WHAT dept has them that is NOT under his control, Mnuchin's control?

Yeah, unless you have a good answer for that, we aint seeing nothing.

They wont release them no matter what the courts say unless the releasing is being done by someone not under his control...right, we have learned our lesson, right?

Again, I want to be wrong, but I have been paying attention. He is a fascist dictator or wants to be, the people around him are also

I dont know how the process works, but any process that relies on people under his control, well...

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