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Eliot Rosewater

Eliot Rosewater's Journal
Eliot Rosewater's Journal
October 13, 2022

Dammit, Smothers Brothers cancel tour.

I had tix.

The reason given is Covid concerns but I looked at the venue I was going to and other venues and the ticket sales was very soft, lots and lots of empty seats.

Bummer, so I suspect that is the real reason.

For the fun of it I looked at Elton John and Ringo Starr tickets and each are practically sold out in huge venues. Nice to know the real rocknroll is still alive and well!

October 7, 2022

Just heard on Dean Obeidallah Show/XM that Mandela Barnes is running a

"chickenshit" campaign, I assumed the caller was a con, but it wasn't, the caller lives there and says he is incensed that the Barnes campaign is running feel good ads and not at all attacking Johnson for the vile piece of shit he is.

I dont want to believe this, but if it is true...

I mean, after all this, really? Anyone here live in WI and see the ads?

I am not saying he is running a chickenshit campaign, someone else said that, I am asking about it. But I am going to be really pissed if true.
October 4, 2022

Halloween is coming says Mr Scorpio, and what I remember is

Being a kid at the dinner table on Halloween and eating as FAST as I could so my friends and I could go trick-or-treating.

The two best nights of the year, Halloween and Xmas eve.

I love Halloween.


September 26, 2022

There is nothing the traitor won't do to protect his criminal enterprise and to not go to jail

Nothing, so what I am curious about is within the bounds of legality in elections what could he do or orchestrate or not him he’s too stupid to do it but you know what I mean, to end this Tish James New York lawsuit?

Isn’t she running for reelection in November?

I know it’s New York, I know the Democrats control the state, I’m just asking.

September 24, 2022

Question for pilots, airline pilots

This is about the instrument panel big commercial passenger jets like a Boeing 737 max, just as an example because this will apply to most passenger air buses and Boeing jets etc.

Both the captain and copilot have in front of them a large gauge showing that they are level or they’re turning left or turning right, I don’t know what that is called, to the right of that shows altitude on a column, and to the left of it it shows the speed.

I don’t know what the name of this instrument is and I’d like to know, I watch a ton of shows on YouTube of pilots and air disasters and other stuff, in almost every case when it shows the gauge at 35,000 ft. for instance the speed which I thought was in knots will be around 270 and will have red marks at 300, if this is knots then 270 knots is what about 320 mph but the plane goes over 500 mph so I’m very confused about this instrument and number. And there is a percentage of moch number also but it’s the gauge number that’s very confusing.

Tried to take a quick pic of it off of my TV an ad here but I don’t see a way to add from my phone.


I expect to see the speed at 300 mph when they are ascending or descending but not when they’re cruising at 35,000 feet and I see this over and over on the videos.

September 21, 2022

When will cannon fire DEarie?

We know it’s coming don’t we

September 21, 2022

I guess my point (thanks for putting up with me) is this: Can the 11th circuit and/or SC overrule

or overturn ANY and ALL convictions of trump or anybody else for that matter?

Even though it would be unprecedented, and their legal reasoning would have to be a lie or straight up obstruction etc?

Don't they have that power? Again, I am asking.

Because if the answer is yes, we have to ASSUME it will happen and prepare for it. On the slight chance it doesn't, what is the harm preparing for it?

But how do you prepare for THAT like how do you prepare for judges who will uphold AZ scty of state saying this election and that election is invalid? As this will happen there and elsewhere, we know that.

If the judges are corrupt, there is NOTHING we can do to stop it, legally?

September 21, 2022

I do NOT Like this "did you classify them, show me proof" stuff, it is opening the door

for the traitor getting off completely.

I dont know enough about the documents and the law, but even if he declassified them, if this was anybody else on earth it would not matter, right lawyers?

What is the CRIME (s) the DOJ is seeking to charge him with that could be altered by whether or not he declassified?

I am talking about special master, stolen docs, etc not AG James news.

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