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Eliot Rosewater

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Member since: Sat Dec 3, 2016, 11:41 AM
Number of posts: 27,377

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Bevin wont concede, GOP looking to steal election.

Just reminding people, that is all.

Also, no Democrat that I know of has seen the full Mueller report. Just reminding.

Posted by Eliot Rosewater | Fri Nov 8, 2019, 02:05 PM (2 replies)

Did I just hear that in KY if an election is contested their LEGISLATURE decides who wins?

Kentucky's Republican Senate president says the GOP-led legislature may pick the next governor


When this happens, do patriots do nothing?

My anger has nowhere to go...I have to know I am not the only one so fucking furious I can barely sit.

Posted by Eliot Rosewater | Wed Nov 6, 2019, 03:48 PM (15 replies)

It is NOT Climate Change, it is GLOBAL WARMING

FINALLY saw the movie "Vice" about that war criminal Cheney.

I did NOT know Frank Luntz, the vile GOP pollster came up with Climate Change to make it seem less dangerous and scary.
(no, he didnt come up with it, but he used it, etc)

NEVER using it again...

What Luntz did was POLL the two terms, he did not create the term as I am now reading but since Climate Change "polled" less scary, he recommenced the GOP start using it.
Posted by Eliot Rosewater | Sun Nov 3, 2019, 05:16 PM (11 replies)

WAtching Rachel about Missouri and abortion

That's it, I have had enough

I am ready to do whatever we can to stop cons from having ANY say about anything anywhere on the planet

You filthy ignorant cons will push too far someday...
Posted by Eliot Rosewater | Thu Oct 31, 2019, 09:26 PM (6 replies)
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