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Gender: Male
Member since: Fri Dec 2, 2016, 08:17 PM
Number of posts: 374

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74 year old stone age hippy. colon cancer survivor living in NC. retired carpenter living on SS. Always for the underdog. Peace.

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Conservative supreme court decisions that have ruined america

Just imagine, it's only going to get worse thanks to the traitorous republicans who have taken the power from the people and transferred it to a nation ruled by the mega wealthy.

We are going to be so fucked!

Posted by zippythepinhead | Mon Dec 19, 2016, 08:22 AM (2 replies)

Classy Artist

who I met on twitter. Great artist with fantastic website.

Posted by zippythepinhead | Mon Dec 19, 2016, 03:32 AM (0 replies)

DU #49 most popular internet forum


Posted by zippythepinhead | Sun Dec 18, 2016, 05:52 PM (37 replies)

They are made of meat


I'm not lying.
Posted by zippythepinhead | Sun Dec 18, 2016, 04:20 PM (0 replies)

stone age hippie

Cb CCrocerdOf A Stone Age Hippie.

Every thing was fairly normal for me until I reached puberty and read “on the Road” by Jack Kerouac. From then on it was a wild and crazy ride down many a dusty trail. I am going to skip the puberty part because it would make this tale too long.

Kerouac is widely believed to be the god father of the “beat generation” History of the beat generation

When “On the Road “ was published it was still an innocent George Rockwell sort of era. We had just won the big war, and the average citizen had begun an era in our history known as the American Dream. It was part of the evolution of “A chicken in every pot” in American political history.

American cars ruled. The 55 chewy was winning most of the races at the local drag strip and street races. Peeling out was common and a chirp in second gear was considered awesome. Sock hops, Little Richard, Fats Domino, Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, Jerry Lee Lewis, to just name a few of the new music called rock and roll which was emerge ing from the Patti Page and Perry Como era. The Catholic church was really afraid of it and started many campaigns to ban it while their priest were molesting children. And then of course there came elvis.

cigarettes and booze were cheap and plentiful and John Wayne would walk a mile for a Camel.
There were amusement parks with wooden roller coasters and cheap 3.2 % alcohol beer for those who were over 18 or had a fake draft card.

Kerouac appeared in my life at that time.

Skipping ahead in the story to 1964. I was a shrimp boat captain in the gulf of mexico with home ports of Aransas Pass , Texas in the summer months and Fort Myers , Beach Fl in the winter. I had just been promoted to captain after five years as a rig man. My first boat was the “Outlaw” It was the oldest boat in the Kiesel fleet at the time. Everything on it was jury rigged and it leaked like a scow. Other than that it was a fine trawler.

When I first got the boat I could do no wrong. It’s as if my guardian or saint peter were helping me. My first three month I wound up sacking up the rest of the blue nose fleet. I never tore up any nets or had any breakdowns and my luck was unrivaled. But, you know as I have found out in life that life is like a big roller coaster. You go up, up, up, and then you come down, down, down as I was soon to find out when I called my mother in Ohio.

“Hi mom, how ya doing? My mom answered, “Richard, the FBI was here looking for you.They want to know where you are, but I did not tell them.” “That’s okay mom, it’s probably about the draft”, I explained. “I had sort of been hiding from them. When I got a draft notice from Florida I would go to Texas and when I got a draft notice from Texas I would go to florida.

That day I went to the draft board in fort meyers fl. And told the recruiting sergeant about my problem and he said to me, “Your in a heap of trouble, young man..There is only one way out and that is to sign up for military service, immediately, which I did that day.

I was leaving it all. Just when it seemed I had reached my pinnacle of success and sexual gratification it was gone in a minute, poof. I had a 1948 Cadillac limousine that had been owned by a funeral home. It was in perfect shape and the electric windows even worked. Better yet I had a vintage 1948 Indian Motorcycle with three sapped shift with a suicide clutch. The women used to have to make an appointment to get a ride from either. I no longer had blue balls because I was getting plenty of booty. And it was free, or as free as it can be without going to a sweet cream lady for sex.

I went through basic training at Ft Jackson and then on to advanced individual taring at fort dix, nj among the cranberry fields.

After training I was sent to Germany on the troop ship, the “Rose”. It was a nine day trip across the atlantic until we reached the white cliffs of dover on our way to hamburg, germany.

I finally wound up as a battery clerk at battery b, 7th battalion, 16 artillery.

It was there when my first encounter with the hippy culture began.
Posted by zippythepinhead | Sun Dec 18, 2016, 04:07 PM (3 replies)

Boy's Town

we arrived at the fish house and unloaded our catch. But my work was not done. I had to clean
the engine room. The engine room was filthy. The whole room was covered in black soot. There
was a reason for this. My uncle had the governor removed and was turing the 610 GM at
undreamed of rpms in order to tow his over sized 60' texas flat nets. All the other boats were
pulling 40' nets at the time. A few years later, as the turbo charger was introduced all of the boats
would be towing 60' nets. The called this new breed of trawlers, "super trawlers". My uncle was
the first fisherman in the gulf to do this. The boat owner, Percy *******, also owned a GM diesel
distributorship so he did not mind rebuilding the engine , which lasted about three trips.
After cleaning the engine room with a combination of diesel fuel and tide I got my check and
headed to town. After washing up and getting some new clothes I was rearing to go to "boy's
town", Mexico.

+Brownsville is right across the rio gran de river from metamorphose, which is a very
large mexican town. Boy's town is about 10 miles from matamorphis. A couple of other shrimpers
took a cab there. Shrimpers always took cabs every where. Most of them did not own cars. My
uncle had confiscated my renault but I did not care. I was usually too drunk to drive anyway.

After about a 15 mile drive through a wasteland we arrived in boy town. It popped up out of no
where in a desolate area. The town was mostly bars which were all whore houses. There were no
paved roads or sidewalks. I could not believe that at last I was finally here. Every woman in the
town was a registered prostitute. I said to myself, looking at the women, I can have any one of
them i want.

The first bar we entered there was a floor show going on. I could not believe my young eyes.
There on the stage was "banana girl". I had heard of things like this but I really did not believe
them till now. Most of my sex education was from reading "The one hundred dollar
misunderstanding." After she made the banana disappear a naked dude in a cape came on the
stage. He had an enormous penis. Years later I saw the same thing in the godfather II movie

I picked out a girl from among the crowded bar and arranged for a sexual liaison with her for three
dollars. After we made love, she begged me to stay and said "Fuji for love". Wow, I was a virgin
no more!
Posted by zippythepinhead | Sun Dec 18, 2016, 03:05 PM (0 replies)

Aransas Pass Texas

Aransas Pass, Texas

Brownsville was a boring place. There was not much to do except go to the movies and drinking.
There was a a cafe, like there is in any texas town, where all the shrimpers would hang out for morning coffee and eating. It was called "Higgies Cafe". It was named after the owner, Higgie. He was a white haired man who never spoke. The waitresses were all mexicans and they were all hot. My uncle was quite the racist and he used to call mexicans, "monkeys". His generation was probably one of the most racist generations in history. I used to give the waitresses big tips all the time and this would piss him off. I loved the mexican culture and took right to it.

Finally, I quit working for him. I could not stand him anymore. I had heard about a cool place called Aransas Pass, Texas; a small town across the bridge from Corpus Christi, where plenty of fisherman jobs were available. The trip from Brownsville to Aransas Pass was a desolate journey on the Trailways bus. The King's Ranch, which is about 150 miles long composed most of the trip. It's hard to imagine one person owning that much land. It is pretty barren territory.

When I got to Aransas Pass I got a job real quick as a texas rigman at 40%. The owner of the boat were the ****** Brothers who owner about 15 boats and they were all painted white with blue trim. They were known as the blue nose fleet. A lot of the racist shrimpers hated them because they were yankees, originally from Long Island, NY; where they made a lot of money as clam diggers.

There homes were in Fort Meyers, Florida but they would come to texas every summer for the shrimping season. They also were the only boat owners who had a few black captains. Hilbert and Scoop were their names. Hilbert reminded me of John Wayne. His brother Scoop was a very devout catholic who was a high ranking member in the knights of columbus.

I really liked those guys. Hilbert used to call me "Dangerous Dick" after he got to know me. Both of the brothers were very hard working and they treated the crews on their boats with respect. Hilbert would do all of the engine repair work on the diesel powered trawlers. Scoop would take care of the other parts of the business.
The captain of the boat I worked on was named Capt. Mitchell. He was from Georgia, about 40 years old, and had 8 kids back home in Georgia. Mitch chewed cigars like chewing tabacco. He did not smoke them. Mitch was a really easy going guy. He was not a "wheel house captain" [a captain who never leaves the wheelhouse to help the rigman head shrimp]. He had been shrimping for over twenty years but he was not an ambitious person. He would just drag one way for three hours, turn around and drag three hours back. He never used the try-net. A try net is a real small net that is set and pulled about every 15 minutes to see how much shrimp is being caught and how much trash fish is in the big nets.

Mitch loved to sleep so I used to pilot the boat. I pulled the try-net every fifteen minutes. I caught a lot of shrimp that way because when I got a good "try" I would turn around and drag through the area until the shrimp petered out. ilbert noticed right away that mitch caught more shrimp since I had become his rigman. I was on my way on becoming a captain, someday. I used to joke with Hilbert about becoming a captain. I would say, "Give me a 150 watt Apelco and call me captain".
An Apelco was the vessel's two way radio. I used to love to talk on the radio to the other shrimpers.

One of my first friends that I met in Aransas was a crazy bastard named Terry. He was a rigman on the WAF shrimp trawler. He had a rep for the fastest header in Texas. Terry was about 20 years old. He was from Ft Meyers, Fla. He never had much formal education because he came from a poor family but he was a smart guy because he was self educated by reading a lot.
Terry used to go off his rocker when he was drunk which was usually the case when we were in port. I remember the first day I met him when he got on top of the Wagon Wheel bar and took a piss. Terry had a girlfriend, a pretty mexican girl, who had epilepsy. They would fight a lot. One time when she was having an epilectic fit he started chanting out loud in the bar, "Come on throw a fit, throw a fit", while he laughed at her. Whenever T
erry would want a taxi he would holler out loud to the barmaid, "Call me a cab, I want a n*****". Terry actually started a fad with that one. He was not a racist but to the contrary liked black people. There were two black cab drivers there at the time and most of the shrimpers would not use them becausde they were black. After Terry's call me a n****** rant it became chic to have a black cab driver. Like I said he was a crazy bastard when he was drunk. When he was sober you would never know he was the same person.
Posted by zippythepinhead | Sun Dec 18, 2016, 02:52 PM (1 replies)

"On the road 0verseas"

On The Road Overseas
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by LiberalAvenger , 09-06-12 at 08:37 AM (1477 Views)
[CENTER]Chapter I, The Beginning
In 1967 I received my overseas discharge from the US Army, in Baumholder, Germany. i had saved up plenty of money with my soldier's deposit account so I did not have to work while oveseas. I had an army sleeping bag, a pup tent; a few pairs of jeans, socks, some shirts, an army field jacket, and not much more because I planned on doing a lot of hiking and hitch hiking to live on the cheap.[/CENTER]

At that time there was a book titled "Europe On 41.50 A Day '. I t had listings for all of the cheapest hostels, restraunts, and things of that nature. Actually I would later find out that I could live for fifty cents a day in some countries such as Spain where you could buy a bottle of wine for ten cents, a loaf of wonderful loaf of pan [spanish for bread], a good meal for thirty five cents, a subway ride for a nickel, a cup of cafe con leche in a sidewalk cafe for a dime, just to show a few examples of how low the prices were.

Europe at that time was really buzzing with tourists composed of hippies, draft dodgers, radicals, artists, students, and just about any type of character that lived at that time. The Viet NamUS War was going full blast and they were "melting down the church bells to make cannon". There was a lot of anti war sentiment amoung the natives and the tourist alike.

I was one of the anti war people. My battery commander used to call me hippie. One of my duties as battery clerk was to be the battery commander's jeep driver when we went to the field, for training excerises for our artillery battery of 155mm self propelled howitzers. One day in the field during firing practice the first sergeant, the battery commander, and I were watching phosporus round explode from a hill top. The CO said how beautiful the rounds lookedto him. I mentioned that they should fill the rounds with flowers instead of phosporus when they exploded. That is how I got my nickname.

Finally I boarded the train in Frankfurt Germany heading to Malaga, Spain. From Malaga I intended to take the ferry to Tangiers, Morocco. My dream had become reality, finally. reality

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Serenity's Avatar
Serenity - 09-07-12 06:58 AM
I LOVE listening to stories like this and am glad it's only chapter 1 because that means there's more to come! Thanks for sharing so far LA!

thank you for reading it, beautiful one.
Updated 09-07-12 at 08:05 AM by LiberalAvenger
LiberalAvenger's Avatar
LiberalAvenger - 09-07-12 08:04 AM
[QUOTE=gunner;bt1802]This sounds like it could be something similar to Orwell's 'down and out in Paris and London'. very interesting...[/QUOTE]

Thank boddles, gunner. Thanks for the Orwell tip. I will certainly read it.

Posted by zippythepinhead | Sun Dec 18, 2016, 02:27 PM (0 replies)

Is www.webjobs2.com a scam?

It brings to mind the saying, "if it sounds too good to be true then it probably isn't.

They want personal info and you have to set up a pay pal account for them to pay you.

IMO, it's a scam.
Posted by zippythepinhead | Sun Dec 18, 2016, 09:56 AM (5 replies)

Key west 1969

It was the summer of 1969. There will never be a year like 1969. It was the height of the love
generation. The beatles were at the top of the charts along with some of the greatest musical
artists of the century. everybody wss following Timothy O'Leary's advice and "tuning in and
dropping out". There were also a lot of "plastic hippies" around.. These were the ones who
were influenced by the gonzo media at the time.
Most of them were just looking to get some hippy nookie. There were other people too, like
charles manson who would soon destroy the summer of love.

I had just gotten married to Carole. We had met in a bar in key west called "the brown derby". It
ws mostly inhabited by navy guys. Carole's father was a navy chief petty officer who piloted ships
into Norfolk, Va's harbor. It was love at first sight. Our eyes locked and we could actually read
each others mind. I was drinking black russians all night and talking to her. We made
arrangements to meet the next day.
I awoke in my hotel room the next day and the first thing I remember is that I had fallen in love last
night but I could not remember where I was supposed to meet Carole.
I got dressed and went looking for her in the streets of key west early sunday morning. Key West
is a small town. We soon found each other on Duvall St., key west's main drag. She had been
looking for me too. We were never apart after that. We got married about a week later. We held
the reception before the wedding at Sloppy Joe's bar, a bar made famous because Hemmingway
used to hang out there.
After partying at the reception for a few hours everybody left and we started a procession of
hippies to the court house on our way to get married. We were married by a judge who at first
seemed shocked to see all the flower children in the marrying room. He sensed that something
was special about us and then married us. I did not have a ring while we weere getting married so
Susie Creamcheese gave me one to use. We have been happily married ever since.
Those were good times in key west. Carole used to go with me on the shrimp boat. We fished at
night and anchored up at daylight. Usuall a bunch of boats would ties onto us and come aboard to
smoke some reefer and eat french toast. I am talking about a lot of french toast and maple syrup.
After that everyone would hit the sack until nightfall, when we would start shrimping again.
It was early in the season and the few shrimp that there were were small. I needed to make the
boat owner, Joe ******** some money. He was my best friend and had just bought the boat I was
running. I started dragging at night in the "nursery". This was an area about 10 miles from the
key west sea buoy. It was forbidden to fish there by the state fisheries. Anyone caught fishing
there would be prosecuted. Nobody fished there because it was also a world warII minefield. It
was loaded with unexploded mines that could easily be caught in the nets.
I fished there, anyway. What I did was set a small blinking light attached to the top of a bamboo
pole to mark the beginning of the drag. I dragged for one half hour in one direction, then set
another blinking light to mark the dragging area. I took a chance but I made the drag without
catching a mine. For the rest of the trip I dragged without any lights on the boat. In ten days I had
the holds filled with shrimp. Everybody at the docks freaked out when they heard about the catch.
Joe wanted to go with us on the next trip which we made a couple days later. We repeated our luck
and success, with another full load of shrimp. That was the last time I fished in the nursery. I did
not want to push my luck by being greedy.

Posted by zippythepinhead | Sun Dec 18, 2016, 05:59 AM (2 replies)
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