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Member since: Fri Dec 2, 2016, 07:23 PM
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Well written CNN opinion piece highlights just how badly Trump has divided friends and families.

It kind of hits home for me as my own mother and some siblings are a huge Trump lovers. We still get along fine but I haven't been invited to Thanksgiving dinner since 2016 and we don't mingle as much as we once did. Trump is a major cancer to American society on so many levels. The sooner he leaves office, the better.


My Biden cabinet picks

I had a thread a few months back that somehow got deleted but now that it's official, I've updated my list of possible candidates. I realize some of these are long shots.

Chief of Staff: Ron Klain


Sec of State: Susan Rice


White House Press Sec: TJ Ducklo


Sec of Defense: Christine Fox. (Fun fact. She was the inspiration for the Kelly Mcgillis character on Top Gun)

Sec of Treasury: Austan Goolsbee


Sec of Homeland Security: Andrew Cuomo


Sec of Agriculture: Kathleen Merrigan


Sec of Education: Linda Darling-Hammond


That's all I can think of for now.

Pitsbugh-Post Gazette edorsement of Trump is just laughingly bad

This was apparently their 1st endorsement of a Republican Presidential candidate since 1972. Their conclusion is basically, yeah we know Trump is a jerk and imbecile but the economy was doing great before Covid and he kept all his promises (cough..build the wall..healthcare...cough cough). They can't support Biden cause he's gonna raise taxes and he's too old and won't make it through his first term but Trump is old too but hey he's got Pence to fall back on. Really guys?

I personally had never heard of this newspaper but some of my Republican friends were all excited about it this morning. Hopefully, voters in the Pittsburgh area don't listen to these idiots.

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