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Member since: Fri Dec 2, 2016, 07:23 PM
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So the C-Span phonecall guy is moderating the 2nd debate.

I think Steve Sculley will do better than Chris Wallace but unless both campaigns agree to crack down on enforcing the rules, it's just going to be another trainwreck with Trump kicking and screaming at will.

Joe Rogan gives one of his dumbest interviews ever

I've never understood the appeal of Rogan. He has done well for himself attracting a lot of big names on his podcast but to me he always comes off as a poor man's Howard Stern at best.

In a recent interview with former CIA officer, Mike Baker, he goes off about not believing in polls and jumps on the "Biden is mentally compromised" bandwagon. I mean just because you don't understand how polling works, doesn't mean it's useless and polls change to reflect the current mood. His drivel about polls and Biden start at the 12:05 mark.

Should Biden opt out of any debates with Trump?

There is apparently a growing number of Biden supporters advising him not to reschedule any debates with Trump. The fear is having debates will give the Trump campaign a lifeline they are desperately needing to improve his poll numbers and Trump will just use it to spout his right-wing conspiracy drivel.

I get the reasoning behind the idea but I think there a lot of voters wanting to see these 2 square off. Biden has a big lead in the polls but my personal opinion is the race is closer than people think. You also don't want to fuel the absurd rumor that Trump and his supporters keep floating which is that Biden is in cognitive decline. I also disagree with Joe Lockhart's example of Hillary's domination of the 2016 debates helping Trump in the polls. Hillary's poll numbers actually improved after those debates. The issue in my opinion was a combination of Hillary's campaign taking their foot off the gas after the debates allowing Trump to regroup and then the idiotic decision by Comey to reopen the investigation into Hillary's emails 2 weeks before election day.


The way way too early thread predicting Biden's 2021 cabinet

Yeah I know it's not quite July yet and a lot can happen between now and November. Hypothetically, if Biden ends up winning, his 1st order of business will be putting his transition team in motion and picking his cabinet members. Here a few names off the top of my head I could see in the job. I'd love to see what other names are out there.

Transaction Director: Rahm Emmanuel

Chief of Staff: Ron Klain

Attorney General: Sally Yates

Secretary of State: Susan Rice

Secretary of Defense: Tammy Duckworth

Secretary of Treasury: Andrew Yang (kind of darkhorse pick). Elizabeth Warren is another possibility.

EPA Secretary: Jay Inslee

Interior Secretary: Bill Richardson (if he can overcome the previous corruption allegations)

Commerce Secretary: Pete Buttigieg (to be honest though I'd rather see him run for Governor or Senator in Indiana and build his Presidential profile).

Secretary of Agriculture: Amy Klobuchar (I think her organizational skills and midwest roots could translate well into this post).

Secretary of Education: Jill Biden would be a great pick but unfortunately that would be huge nepotism. This one is a tough one cause Biden says he wants a public school teacher in that role.

NASA just ruined the Space X launch by going pro-Trump

We finally have an event that seems to uniting Americans in celebration and then during NASA's live coverage, they interview NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine who starts kissing Tump's butt about NASA finally has an administration that supports which is a complete load of crap. The privatization of space flight is something that was set in motion several years ago. You can see his asinine comments toward of the end of the video.

Did Klobuchar just spill the beans on her role in Biden's campaign?

My guess is it was a Freudian slip but it wouldn't surprise me if Biden made a similar offer to Buttigieg in exchange for their endorsement of him.


Bill Maher and Cornell West really got into it last night

It wasn't a big surprise. Maher slammed West on a recent show so when he showed up as a guest last night, it was only a matter of time before they clashed. I get where Cornell is coming from with establishment Democrats but his hatred of Hillary is just mind boggling to me. He might as well be on the payroll for TYT.

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