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Dave Starsky

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Member since: Fri Dec 2, 2016, 11:48 AM
Number of posts: 5,307

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Trump is a hijacker who has started shooting the hostages.

And then blames the cops for not meeting his ransom demands.

Once, just ONCE, I want to hear the media ask him...

If he's never heard of a fucking ladder. Or a shovel.

Because I'm thinking there's a better than 50:50 chance that Mr. Delicate Tiny Hands has never seen or touched either of them, and he has absolutely no clue how they work.

There's a new President in Mexico. Donald, CALL him!

YOU are the ART OF THE DEAL man! You can get the new El Presidente to cough up the dolares you need to make THE WALL happen! I know the last guy laughed you off and pretty much hung up on you, but this is a new opportunity! Strike while the iron is hot! Get after it! Be a winner!

It is, after all, what you promised us, Donald. Mexico will pay for this wall. Don't let the whole nation down.
Posted by Dave Starsky | Mon Dec 3, 2018, 04:15 PM (2 replies)

David Cronenberg presents...

A Very Melania Christmas!

We all need to be like Luke Skywalker at the end of Star Wars IV.

The ONLY thing that matters at this point is voting, and bringing other like-minded people to the polls to vote--particularly if they've never voted before.

In those final moments in the Death Star trench in Star Wars, Luke Skywalker, to the shock of all of his colleagues, switches off his targeting computer. It is a distraction. The Force is with him, and he has only one single, focused goal in mind: put two proton torpedoes into that ray-shielded two-meter-wide thermal exhaust port located below the main port. NOTHING else in the galaxy matters. NOTHING else needs to be thought of, talked about, argued, or done.

My wife and I succeeded in getting three lifelong Republicans we know to vote in this election for Dems. One of them is voting for Beto down in TX. She never really liked Cruz, but she has always voted for him just "because". Well, not anymore.

If you have to take a break from the news for a while, do it. If you need to take a break from social media or even this website for a few days, do it. Just get out there and get the job done, The Force is with us all. Feel it.
Posted by Dave Starsky | Fri Nov 2, 2018, 02:11 PM (0 replies)


Did anyone else get that as a text just now?
Posted by Dave Starsky | Wed Oct 3, 2018, 01:20 PM (0 replies)

With all the evil Dems blocking Republican SC nominees...

Even going so far as to bring out lying "crisis actors" spinning outlandish fake stories of sexual assault to try to discredit them, under penalty of perjury...

Then how the fuck did Neil Gorsuch seem to skate through to confirmation? I don't recall any ribald tales of drunken debauchery or gambling addiction involving that guy. Doesn't that seem a little strange?

How come I don't hear anyone in the media asking Lindsey Graham about this whenever he spews his bullshit?

The most telling thing to me RE: Avenatti...

Is that, despite Der Pilzschwanz's ranting and raving and fussing and fuming and whining and insulting of everyone on Earth who he feels has wronged (or merely exposed) him, he has avoided Avenatti like the PLAGUE. He is dead silent on the subject. No cute nicknames or monikers, no "unfair" or "incredibly dishonest"... Just nothing.

It's as if, like Batman, Avenatti strikes true fear into the cockles of his LDL-congested heart, and I love that.

Kavanaugh is the Captain Lincoln Sternn of jurists.

For those too young/old to remember Captain Sternn, he was a character from the movie Heavy Metal (created by comics legend Bernie Wrightson) who, although appearing upright and straightlaced, was actually ridiculously amoral and evil--doing things like selling dope dressed as a nun and running a preschooler prostitute ring.

How much longer can the GOP try to force this depraved asshole on to the highest court in the United States? It has absolutely reached the point of twisted absurdity. NO ONE can possibly pretend that anything happening now is anywhere near normal.

"A MAJOR terrorist plot is scheduled in the next week!"

"But don't worry! My people are on it. They have identified the threat, and they will keep you SAFE! In the meantime, be careful and watchful. Report anything suspicious!"

THIS is why the "Presidential Emergency Messages" scare the hell out of all of us who have been paying attention to the crazy man in the Oval Office.
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