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Member since: Thu Dec 1, 2016, 05:57 PM
Number of posts: 1,691

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GOP Senators would be smart to impeach and convict

1. They hate him, just see their comments about him during the '15-16 nominating process.
2. With newly raised money, Trump will own the GOP for the next 4 years.
3. Conviction may be their only chance to rid themselves of this massive distraction, after 12 days this opportunity fades.
4. Currently, GOP Senators seen as lackeys , a conviction vote might hint at courage. Every GOP Sen. with POTUS aspirations might see this as cover to rid themselves of a dangerous rival.

May Day 1971

Lots of mentions of that march, can't believe that many of us are still around and hanging out here?
DU, the refuge for old hippies.

Monday morning QB thought

It's 41 degrees in DC. A few strategic water cannons would have effectively discouraged a Capitol protest.

1-6 "objection drama" is all about labeling

By repeatedly linking the terms disputed and fraudulent to one of the cleanest elections in recent memory, the GOP will now refer to Biden as the "disputed POTUS", "elected fraudulently", in every description of him for the next 8 years. It's all about labeling the election and the winner.
In today's world, you don't have to prove anything, just make sure the allegations pop up on any google search and let "suggestion" do the slandering for you.
It nicely sets up a false equivalency to Trump being labeled the "impeached" POTUS .

Bizarre hypothetical: Has Covid saved the Republic?

Simply put, absent Trump's mis-handling of CV-19, would Trump have gotten a 2nd term and completed his attempted coup?
Not such a crazy idea given the closeness of the EC battlegrounds.

Statehood is the problem

The idea that 50 states under the U.S.A. banner, each with their own legal structure, can ever function efficiently to fight common national problems has become obsolete. We need NATIONAL Electoral systems, ID's, gun laws, drug laws , medical standards, etc., etc.
Dr. Fauci bemoans the symptoms, not the underlying structural weakness.


'It's A Good Night To Be A Corrupt Republican Congressman'

Not so much for the rule of law. The GOP likes to bill themselves as the party of law and order, now a laughable claim. In 2016, 63 GOP million voters ignored Trump boasting of being a sexual predator. The GOP political machine ignored a long list of signs that criminal behavior would not be out of character for this candidate and happily nominated him. And criminal behavior was delivered in spades.
Every future GOP candidate needs to be painted with this righteous slime, Forever!!

What leverage can Biden employ

to get Trump to behave for 30 days?

Can he threaten a Special Prosecutor on Day One?

Can he release an unredacted Mueller report Day One?

Can he rehire the Mueller team to finish the job Barr pulled them off of, no longer POTUS , prosecutors can pursue Trump after Day One.

Can he release Trump's tax returns on Day One.

Can he order surveillance on Trump as a national security risk on Day One?

What else?

Is Trump looking to cut a deal?

Pardons and threats to scuttle Covid relief just demonstrations of the damage he can cause without a deal. He's scared and wants a deal not to be criminally prosecuted post presidency?
Can a deal be constructed, should a deal be offered? What could it look like, who would sign on?

20 pardons

and he's just getting started.

Pardons as reward for political loyalty
Pardons to encourage obstruction of justice
Pardons to fire up his base

Never has the Presidency been debased to this degree, Lady Liberty weeps.
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