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Member since: Thu Dec 1, 2016, 02:29 PM
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W broke down

As a daughter and as a mother I feel real empathy for that.

Tucker Carlson is a racist a*hole, but this is just wrong


‘They were threatening me and my family’: Tucker Carlson’s home targeted by protesters
‘We know where you sleep at night’: Protesters surround Tucker Carlson’s home
A group of protesters gathered outside the Northwest D.C. home of Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Nov. 7. (Drea Cornejo/The Washington Post)

Boycott advertisers, but physically threatening someone at his home, with his family present will not produce the results the protesters hope for.

Did I hear that right?

It sounds like he has ordered the military to fire on the immigrants!?!?

Just saw on Fox:

Flake will vote to confirm.

He's such a never-Trumper that I thought he would want to go out by poking The Orange One in the eye.

I wonder why President Carter isn't there?

I would think he would have been invited, along with the other living ex-Presidents. (I'm guessing GWHB's health prevented him from being there.)

So, no special election

to replace Senator McCain. I checked, and it looks like the deadline for filing was in May.

The R governor will be able to appoint a replacement, who is sure to be a yes vote on Kavanaugh.

Manafort question:

Does the jury know their verdict could possibly lead to a sentence of literally centuries in prison?

I'm wondering if that could have something to do with their failure to come to a quickie verdict.

No Choice: Why Harry Truman Dropped the Atomic Bomb on Japan


Critics of the decision to use the “special bomb” in 1945 are judging men born in the 19th century by the standards of the 21st.
No Choice: Why Harry Truman Dropped the Atomic Bomb on Japan

Nuclear arms are hideous, immoral weapons whose existence continues to threaten our civilization. To say, however, that Harry Truman should have sacrificed hundreds of thousands of American lives because of what happened in the nuclear arms race decades later is not only ahistorical, it is moral arrogance enabled from the safe distance provided by time and victory.

Interesting article. My son did an internship at Oak Ridge some years ago, so we toured the facility where the bombs were built. They were projecting some scary American casualty numbers, had an invasion been necessary.

Duck boat survivor, Tia Coleman

is describing her family members who died in yesterday's accident during a press conference. Heartwrenching.

I just saw a blurb

that the Deputy AG is about to make an announcement. Anyone know what it's about? Mueller investigation, maybe?
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