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Member since: Thu Dec 1, 2016, 01:13 AM
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New charity that removes racist and extremist tattoos for free


"The new Chance for Change programme will offer Kiwis with tattoos featuring racist symbols, images, hate-related words and slogans or extremist ideologies free removal.

Experts say the removal of offensive tattoos can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars and could be a barrier to progression in life, however, the new charitable initiative offers a pathway for participants to rid themselves of the last vestige of an ideology they no longer identify with.

One applicant to the programme had swastikas all over his legs and although he had been out of that lifestyle for more than ten years felt the legacy was always with him. He now had a five-year-old daughter and he had never worn shorts as a result. This guy had been riddled with self-loathing, disgust and self-doubt and he said having these tattoos removed had given him a fresh start in life,” he says."

More of this please. We need creative pathways to help support people back to sanity.

World's first openly transgender mayor and Member of Parliament has passed


"Georgina Beyer, the world’s first openly transgender Member of Parliament and mayor has died aged 65....

Beyer became the first openly transgender mayor in the world when she was chosen to serve as Carterton’s mayor in 1995.

She was later elected as a member of parliament in 1999 as Wairarapa MP and in 2005 elected as the first openly transgender MP."

A woman whose remarkable life deserves some exposure.


Moe mai rā.
Posted by meadowlander | Mon Mar 6, 2023, 12:53 AM (1 replies)
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