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Hometown: Iowa
Current location: Iowa
Member since: Wed Nov 30, 2016, 11:39 PM
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Phony Joni sends out fund raising text 10 minutes after RBG death

Nothing like opportunism. To be fair these texts may have been scheduled in advance but she could have called them off for a day or two. She didn't and that says a lot about her (lack of) character. We have to double down on our efforts to send her packing.

Ok. Now I'm fighting mad.

A couple of days ago I got a text from my (almost) 12 year old daughter begging to move if trump wins. The death of RBG was being heavily discussed on TikTok or some such forum and some of the older kids correctly pointed out that women, lgbtq people, immigrants and others would lose rights.
When I got home, I tried to explain to her that we were going to bust our butts to stop the senate from confirming any person for Supreme Court justice and to get Biden and down ticket Democrats elected and hopefully return our country to its former glory. I also lost my dad and an aunt earlier this year who both despised trump. My aunt actually said that she wanted to live long enough to see trump beaten. So we have to double down in our efforts to destroy trump and his minions. Not only for RBG, but for my dad, my aunt, and my child. I do not want to sound selfish but its personal now.

Well it finally happened. And I'm beyond livid.

So my (step) daughter goes out daily to walk the dog. She's 11 and well known, and liked, around the neighborhood. And there is an elderly widow who walks her dog every day so TJO and her have become friends and walk the dogs together. So I don't worry too much about harm coming to her.
I do tend to look out the window when she's out there though. Guess maybe I worry more than I let on. Anyway, yesterday, some pos was driving by and started shouting at TJO, "GO BACK TO YOUR OWN FUCKING COUNTRY YOU FUCKIN GOOK!". Did I mention that TJO is Asian?
Well, the widow and a neighbor who was working on his car started yelling at the idiot as he was driving away to get the f out of our neighborhood! And...TJO yelled at him "Trump sucks!" She may have gotten that from me, but I digress. I ran outside to see what was happening and the witnesses told me. The guy working on his car said that his wife had already called the cops and the widow said if we see him again she would help TJO if she needed help. I talked to the cop who showed up and indicated that if I saw the "guy" again, he was going to get an ass kicking. The cop told me to calm down, that apparently this may be the same guy that has been heard yelling at other minorities around town. All while in the safety of his moving car. Just another gutless trumpite coward.

I am a Union man

My late dad was a Union man as was one of my uncles.
I have been a steward on three different occasions and almost always support my Union brothers and sisters. Because, without Unions, we are even more screwed than we already are. But...having said this, I simply cannot support the police unions across the country. The only thing they seem to be doing for their membership is making sure they can go out and kill more minorities. And as a conscientious (thank goodness for spell check) human being, there is no way I can support that. They are not my Union brothers. They need to clean up their ranks and weed out the bad people. Then maybe they'd get some support.

One of the dumbest questions ever.

Yesterday I went to a liquor store near my house to buy a six pack of beer. Outside of the employees, I was the only one wearing a face mask. Anyway, as I was standing in line waiting to pay for the beer, a guy asked me,"How are you going to drink that beer through that mask?" I replied " I'm not. I'm bringing it home for my 11 year old daughter." And then I said nothing. The sales clerk just shook her head and muttered about the guy not being very smart.
I believe the guy is a trumpite because who else would ask such a stupid question, especially to a stranger? Or maybe he was trying to be funny. But trumpites aren't known for their sparkling wit either, so I reiterate, probably a trumpite.

If we get stimulus checks, I know what I'm doing with mine

Think I'll donate some of it to Biden. And also Amy McGrath.

What is Bloomberg's end game?

Does he really want to be President, is he shooting for a cabinet post, or is he just trying to get under trump's skin? Personally, I think he's trying to drive trump batty and succeeding. And I dont really approve of another billionaire trying to buy his way into the White House, I will still vote for him if he somehow wins the nomination, unlikely as it may be. But in the meantime, I hope his tweets, etc. drive cheetolini over the edge

Well it's official. Hes gone

My dad passed away last week and today we had a service for him and said out final farewells.
He was a Democrat through and through and he passed this along to his kids. He also was partially responsible for African Americans having a garden space in our little town which was nearly lily white at the time. He and my mom were reviled by some in town and it spread to his kids as well. One motherfucker tried to run me down while I was riding my bike. He was shouting "Tell your n*** loving dad he's next". I was 12 years old at the time. He found out who did it, called the police and persevered.
See, he was a christian. Not one of these holy rollers but one who walked the walk and talked the talk.
He taught us real values. He is missed.
I'm sorry if this post is offensive or inappropriate. Maybe I should have posted this elsewhere but I just want people to know a good man. We have a bad man in charge now. So good men need to be honored and respected.

Ok it goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway

Put heat on ernst. Call, email, go to her district offices, do whatever is necessary but keep heat on her. Shes up for re-election and may listen if enough people demand a fair trial for trump. I have called her DC office, her Davenport office and emailed.
Grassley, now hes a lost cause.

I still haven't heard one repuke say two words

Those two words are. "He's innocent". Why? I guess the repuke strategy is lie and deny and make stuff up.
I am not the smartest guy the world's ever seen, but I can still see that the idiot is a criminal and needs to go. The repukes should just SHUT UP.
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