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Maryvale High Students Wear Hijabs To Show Solidarity With Muslims After Trump Ban

Even in Arizona they fight trump's racism!

It was a scene straight out of Donald Trump's worst nightmare: On Wednesday morning at Maryvale High School in West Phoenix, a group of students showed up wearing hijabs. They said their student government members encouraged them to do it.

In fact, the news that Trump had signed an executive order temporarily banning travel from seven predominantly Muslim countries made students even more enthusiastic about participating.

“We've had this planned for a while but we're putting more effort into it because of the executive orders that have been placed,” explained Ruby Arriaga, a Maryvale senior and the student body executive administrator, who wore a hijab for the day.

“People are scared and we just want everyone to know that our voices can be heard, we've all got each other's backs.”

Before you freak out and start calling up the principal and ranting about sharia law, some necessary background:

World Hijab Day is an international event, celebrated on February 1 every year. It was founded in 2013 by Nazma Khan, a Bangladesh native who immigrated to New York as a child and was the only hijabi at her Bronx middle school.

The idea isn’t to convert anyone to Islam, but rather to spread cultural awareness by teaching non-Muslims about the significance of the headscarf. It's also intended to build empathy by giving participants a chance to experience the discrimination that hijabis face every day — from unwelcome stares to outright hostility and violence.

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