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El Mimbreno

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Gender: Male
Hometown: New Mexico
Member since: Sun Nov 6, 2016, 09:21 AM
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GOP commissioner sends Dems to mob their own county convention

Grant County NM republican commissioner Billy Billings emailed a group of supposedly "conservative" democrats a plea to mob their own convention. Some excerpts:

"Socialism has never worked! In the last century this failed ideology has led to the misery and even death of millions. The nationwide Socialist movement started at the grassroots level and is especially strong right here in Silver City and Grant County. We must push back! Socialism began at the grass roots level and it must be defeated at the grassroots level."

First, this guy is unable to differentiate between Communism and Social democracy. He needs to read Ernest Lesigne: most of what he wrote in 1887 still rings true today.
Second, Socialism does work. There's SOCIAL Security and Medicare, which he pays into or receives, he drives on public roads, etc. In Scandinavian countries, everyone has health care, education and retirement, while capitalism and entrepreneurship thrive under Social Democracy.

"Please contact as many common sense democrats as you can and commit them to go to the Local Democratic Convention at the Brown Derby in Santa Clara tomorrow - March 30th at 12:00 Noon. If you are a registered Democrat, please go! Many good common sense people that you know will be there and they need your help to wrestle control of the local Democratic Party away from the leftist so called Progressives. Your one vote may make the difference.

Imagine if socialists were not elected to party offices and the Democratic Platform was re-written to support jobs, life, and freedom! This would send a message to the Governor and other left leaning liberals that we no longer support what they are doing to Grant County and to New Mexico."

So what is an elected republican doing trying to influence the platform of the democratic party? If not unethical, it is, at the very least, in poor taste.

"Please go and vote for Sam Morales for Democratic Party Chair of GRANT County. He is pro-life, pro-business/mine jobs, pro 2nd amendment, and he recognizes the border CRISIS and believes in a secure border.

We need 200 conservative democrats to attend and take party control away from the Democratic Socialists. We will meet that goal if good people will just show up.

Thanks for your help!

Billy Billings"

The Morales platform is not Democratic, it is republican, and directly conflicts with the official platform of the Democratic Party of New Mexico.

The email went out Friday afternoon, the day before the county convention. However, the message also reached a member of Mimbres Indivisible, and others who spread the word to progressives. Attendance was a record-breaker; 295 registered democrats signed in and voted for ward and precinct positions. (60 at the previous convention) When the newly elected precinct delegates voted, it came down to this:

A.J. Sandoval (progressive) - 74
Sam Morales - 15

Progressive Cindy Provencio was elected vice-chair.
Most of the ward and precinct positions were filled by progressives, and state party central committee delegates are a mix of progressive and moderate Democrats.

So Billings' conspiracy with "Conservative" Democrats backfired miserably, much to our delight!

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