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El Mimbreno

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Gender: Male
Hometown: New Mexico
Member since: Sun Nov 6, 2016, 09:21 AM
Number of posts: 686

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Rep pearce's letter - dissected

Got an e-mail from pearce about how great the budget and tax "reform" will be for New Mexicans and felt obligated to pick it apart.

Hello friends,

First error. I am not his friend because his congressional votes certainly don't treat me as a friend.

This week, the House passed legislation so Congress can move forward with tax reform that will help families and create jobs in New Mexico, and across the nation.

The current tax code drives our entire way of life. Whether you’re working to save for retirement, send your kids to college, or expand your small business, all New Mexicans deserve a fairer tax code that works to let them achieve their goals, not hold them back. New Mexico is home to some of the nation’s poorest communities who need more and better jobs. The average New Mexican works hard to provide for themselves or their families. It’s that every day, hard-working person I want to see benefit from tax reform, and that’s exactly why I voted today to pass the budget this week.

Yes, there are poor communities that need jobs, but there's more to it that. Low-income families need healthcare and sometimes help with basic needs like food, housing and education if they are to be able to fill those jobs. Yet pearce voted to cut Medicaid and Medicare, and defund HeadStart and housing and heating assistance. For someone who claims to have grown up with assistance in a working-class low-income family, pearce sure has a funny way of giving back. The last sentence is a total contradiction, and almost implies that those on Medicaid do not work hard.

Passing this legislation allows Congress to move forward on tax reform that can create greater opportunities for people and families in lower-income communities to be raised out of poverty. We’ll see more New Mexican small businesses thrive, more jobs become available, and, ultimately, a more prosperous future for our children and grandchildren.

I want to continue to hear from you as Congress moves forward on providing the details of tax reform. Most importantly, I want you to stay updated with what is happening in Congress that can affect you and your family or small business:

Remember, I always look forward to hearing your thoughts on how to help job growth, veterans, and other issues important to New Mexicans. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or concerns, you can contact my office through Facebook, Twitter, my website or by calling 855-4-PEARCE.

Just more of the old trickle-down crap: Piss on the 99%. I have no idea why he looks forward to hearing constituents' thoughts. At one of his rare townhall meetings, this one in Las Cruces, he stated he votes based on his own beliefs and agenda. Obviously. And where does he spend most of his "away from DC" time? Campaigning for governor in ABQ & Santa Fe. Afraid to show up in his own district?

Pearce takes another step backwards on energy

From pearce's press release:

“In New Mexico, and across the country, we’ve seen businesses close up shop and coal miners put out of work due to the crippling regulatory costs of this rule. With EPA’s action today, power will be given back to the states so that economies, like ours in New Mexico, can grow stronger and more competitive. This is real progress towards ending the War on Coal, which has crushed jobs and increased energy costs in our local communities,” stated Rep. Pearce.

Now if he could explain how a step backwards to dirty, obsolete coal is supposed to move New Mexico forward...

Concealed carry ad on MSN.com

Stumbled across an ad for this on MSN. Pretty irresponsible on their part, far as I'm concerned.

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