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El Mimbreno

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Gender: Male
Hometown: New Mexico
Member since: Sun Nov 6, 2016, 09:21 AM
Number of posts: 685

Journal Archives

Fighting hate in the checkout line

Buying groceries at Albertson's a few days ago, I noticed someone had turned around the Enquirer in a checkout line magazine rack. Thought that was a pretty good idea, since the rag featured a hateful looking trump and an assortment of false accusations, so I turned around the one in my line. Can't stand that face anyway.
Then I found out on another discussion site that a lot of people object to this hateporn. Some people have spoken to store managers, one person was putting "this is fake news" post-its on the mags; exercising freedom of speech and not damaging property.
So maybe in addition to the other things we can do, how about some "quiet resistance"? Here are some ideas:
1. If you're bold enough, talk to the store manager, object to hateporn, object to this being displayed where children can see it.
2. Just turn the mags around.
3. Want to be more subtle? Pick it up, pretend to leaf through it, put it back backwards. Or leaf through another mag and put it back in front of the hateporn.

Don't do anything that would make more work for underpaid store employees, like hiding mags throughout the store, spilling chocolate syrup on them, etc. If anyone objects to your actions, I like the reasoning of keeping it out of the view of children.

And even if these things don't make a difference, we've done something and don't have to look at trump's smirking puss.

Getting political again

Just finished my 10 posts and taking up the invitation to check in. I haven't been into politics for a long time, until this year's campaign. Now we have a presumed president-elect and his gang who have insulted my friends and neighbors and are promising physical and financial ruin to 75 million Americans. Our New Mexico senators are solid Democrats and I'm urging them to NOT cooperate or compromise with the trump administration in any way. I am also compiling my own contact list of senate and house leaders of both parties to escalate my semi-passive resistance to anything that would compromise our already-great country.
BTW I never capitalize "trump". Capitalization indicates the name of a person and I refuse to bestow personhood on that POS.
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