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Member since: Sun Nov 6, 2016, 12:05 AM
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Just read via Seth Abramson

That Trumpís Ďgetting toughí on Russia and kicking out 60 diplomats is predictably total bullshit. Apparently it only requires an exchange of personnel. 60 are leaving , and being replaced by 60 new Ďdiplomatsí whereas the other countries that made similar moves all shrunk the size of the missions - meaning there is no exchange.

Anime Suggestion Thread !

So I may not be a typical anime fan. I am
30 and donít know a lot yet ; I watched a little on toonami and adult swim when I was younger but never gravitated to any of the bigger name stuff like DBZ , Naruto or Bleach. I watched a little Cowboy Bebop , Lupin The Third , Samarai Champloo , and a tiny bit of Gundam but since I never really had friends who were into it I just let it go.

Then a few months ago I started seeing a lot of anime pop up on Netflix. A year or two ago they had a show called Monster on Netflix which was fucking awesome , but they only had some of its episodes and then took them off. I ended up watching Death Note ( which I found mostly good if the writing did get somewhat bungled ) and Ajin season 1 ( havenít done the second one yet )

But this just kinda whet my appetite and so I got curious and searching around I found the apps Crunchyroll and Funimation. So now my eyes were opened to the vast selection of shows of all kinds.

So far I have only watched a few things to completion ( mostly dubbed things on funimation because they are easy to watch in bed.

I have finished and recommend

Kinoís Journey - a show about Kino, a girl who travels from country to country ( on a talking motorcycle called HermŤs) where each society is set up to have their own strange philosophical rules.

91 Days - a revenge story that plays out a bit like The Godfather ; the main character sees his family slaughtered while he hides in a closet. Years later he receives a letter saying telling him about the crime family to blame. He sets out to infiltrate and assasinate them.

Mob Psycho 100 - surprisingly this is not about the mob at all. Itís about a boy named mob who has psychic powers and he is hired by a teacher whose really just a liar , to help him exercise ghosts. Its a goofy comedy action series but still really fun. I read they are doing a second season.

Psycho Pass (2 Seasons) - a dystopian sci-fi that recalls something like a cross between Judge Dredd and Minority Report. Where cops can point a gun at any citizen and read their probability of committing crime. If itís too high they can be executed.. this also has some of my favorite opening themes Iíve come across

stuff Iím watching now but havenít finished

Sweetness & Lightning ( on Crunchyroll ) - a really cute show about a single dad little girl. The mother has died and the dad is a teacher who canít cook. The little girl is interested in food and they meet one of the dadís students in the park. Her family owns a traditional Japanese restaurant and they become friends. Every episode is centered around a different dish they learn to make.

March Comes In Like A Lion ( on Crunchyroll) - a quiet but interesting story about a 17 professional Shogi player. Iíve just started this one but itís really beautifully animated.

Little Witch Academia ( Netflix ) - Think Harry Potter with an all girl cast. Itís one I threw on for my 5 year old nephew and was immediately charmed by. I gather it was first done as a movie and later expanded

Shows from the Winter 2018 season (currently airing via simulcast)

A Place Further Than The Universe (Crunchyroll) - Easily my favorite thing currently going. Itís about a group of girls that go on an expedition to Antarctica. If you only read the synopsis it might not seem like much , but itís a very touching story about friendship and loss. Itís beatifully animated and uses music super well too.

Junji Ito Collection ( Crunchyroll & Funimation ) - a series that uses the stories of horror author Junji Ito. There are two stories in every episode and they are often strange and disturbing. Horror anime doesnít seem to be that big of a genre but this show is interesting with a unique style

Pop Team Epic ( Crunchyroll & Funimation) - A silly comedy skit show that is pretty much the anime answer to Robot Chicken. The animation itself is kindíve a joke too and you have to know it does have adult moments but will make kids laugh if they see it

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