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Member since: Sun Nov 6, 2016, 12:05 AM
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On CNN just now..

Woman who repeatedly shared Russian troll propaganda through social media got ROASTED and by a reporter in front of her house as she said over and over there were no Russians and that she met with people in person. Then every time the reporter brings it back to her being duped she flips out and screams fake news and begins ranting about Hillary.

This is what severe brainwashing by Fox / Russia / Trump looks like live and in your face. I honestly laughed in the moment seeing it - but it is frightening to witness people so far gone.

This is what we are dealing with trying to be real with these people who have been duped. To try and convince them they got played is a threat to their whole world... we must fight for the minds of the young and undecided because the Trumpers are a lost cause

What Are You Drinking {2 -14-18}

I just had three craft brews in a row and I didnít like a single one. I think this is meta life for bitter valentines because I donít know if all three were bad or if the first bad beer just ruined my mouth for the night

First was : Brickwayís Oatmeal Pale Ale. Which some had marketed like a NE IPA ( big hazy , and fruit juicy ) but that was not so - other than the opaque look this was not at all juicy and actually made me think of spearmint gum

Second was Clown Shoes Space Cake (DIPA) that was the best of the three but still bummed me out for being underwhelming. Itís mosaic hops which here started with some decent mango flavor but also had some of that body odor thing you sometimes smell in hops. Was more watery than most high ABV beers (9%)

Finally was Larryís Latest Sour Ale from Bells. This is a brewery that I normally love but this was decidedly not a hit. It had a vinegar / sweaty sock thing that I couldnít shake. Again I thought maybe the previous beer had maybe caused this damage to my tastebuds.. or it could be that whatever kettle souring does is not for me ( this beer says itís kettle soured) and I know itís a somewhat newer method that speeds up souring but this is the first beer Iíve come across that advertises its kettle soured. Could be I donít have the frame of reference for it yet

Anyone Know How Many Usually Work in WH?

They are saying now that maybe 40 staffers are working without clearance. I see that Trump is running a severely empty administration by design , and because they canít find people who want the jobs. So with both of these things being true whatís the percentage of overall WH staff running around without clearance? Is it 1 in 5, 1 in 4 or even as many as half the total workforce?

A third heart!

Thank you yet again kind stranger. I know I donít post all that much compared to many on DU, so that even got one was a surprise. Now that Iíve got three Iím pretty well astonished.

Chalky Candy Hearts (and words)

Chalky candy hearts and words to break the ice
Were all in your mouth
When you were five writing your first valentine

You drew two stick figures holding hands with crayons
And put a box at the bottom that asked if she like liked you.

You didn't ask her yes or no, and knew nothing of romance
(and still don't)
You even wrote your own name on the front Ė but not hers
(so she'd know who to give it back to)

Boy, you were coy Ė slipping the card in the locker she shared
With some other girl you never like liked.

Then you waited around the corner and watched for her
Pretty blond head to come into view
But the popular girl she was Ė she got held up.

Chalky candy hearts and words to break the ice
Dissolved in your mouth
When a girl you never like liked opened her locker.

You thought you might die
When you were five
And she read your first valentine
But she smiled and waved
(and wrote yes in the one box you did provide)

All The Recent Republican Hysteria Over Texts

Kinda makes me want to see their texts. You know since they are such projectionists and all.

Can you imagine what Trumpís texts look like , or Kellyís or Nunesí ? Mueller might have all the proof he needs on the Russia probe inside 5 minutes of perusing their text logs.

Thank You For The Heart!

I donít know who gave it to me, or why, but now I donít feel left out of the hearts club.
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