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Member since: Sun Nov 6, 2016, 12:05 AM
Number of posts: 844

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Lawfully Awful

Lawfully awful
Scrotum of a POTUS
Supposed to be a pillar
But he's fake news - all filler.
Yuge' ego - tiny dancer
Democratic cancer.
Never had an answer
Just a carnival barker
A vile bile barfer.
Wannabe flag bearer
Paper tiger shit talker
Tweeting from a toilet
Bleeding from wherever.
Slag em , bag em, grab em
Because stardom
Never stopped him.
Irritated tangerine
Dreaming of a wall
Enough to see through
Like the sheet he wears to rally
When his feelings hurt badly.
Has the White House
Longs for gold towers
Loves golden showers.
The confederacy of Trumpets
Blaring in the halls of power
Tell of still a darker hour
While the world waits for Mueller

Trolling Trumpanzees

Which do you think is a more infuriating troll of the Alt-White after Trump's flailing for wins and caving on DACA

Chuck's Cuck or Pelosi's Puppet ?

"Pete Carroll Knows What It Is To Be Black In America"

No he fucking doesn't Joe Buck. He never could.

Heard this bullshit watching the Seahawks game earlier. They were discussing the Bennett harassment and Buck dropped this stinky turd of a statement in praise of Seattle's coach... simply because he has sympathy for his team's players.

But no white guy will ever know what it means to be black in America. Just as I don't as a German / Dutch / Mexican / Korean who presents as 'white enough' in America.

This is so much of what BLM is about to me as an ally of equal rights. People assume that just having surface sympathy for a cause means they totally 'get it' when they can never experience it for themselves. It's surely a step in sharing sympathy - but thinking you grasp the whole of an issue when you don't also leads people to check out of the fight for equal rights because they imagine they are on the right side already because they aren't actively an asshole.

Democracy Sausage ? How about Presidential Pizza !

So before today I was unaware of this Australian idea. That they sell ' Democracy Sausage' a cheap and popular lunch at polling places on Election Day. Not only that - but since the offering are different at individual places people can and do pick a polling place based on social media alerts telling them what's best.

I think we should do something like this with pizza by the slice. It's one of America's favorite foods and can be made relatively cheap and or healthy depending on how it's done.

Right now we literally have people that want to vote that sometimes skip it because it's always on Tuesdays and they fear being late back to work. If we aren't gonna change that bullshit just because it's tradition we could at least ease the burden on working people by giving them an affordable lunch stop.

Hell if we can't get it in as a rule we could at least appeal to food trucks and mobile vendors to go and sell at or across from polling stations.

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