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Lotusflower70's Journal
Lotusflower70's Journal
March 1, 2022

Treatment resistant depression

I am trying to find additional options or information for my son. TMS is in process and Spravato was already tried. Does anyone know of anything else out there? Thank you

November 30, 2021

Migraine medicine

Here's a vent. My son has to switch migraine medication because of insurance even though his medication is working. This royally sucks. He is following up with his neurologist. It sucks because you get the medication in your system and you work through the side effects and then it feels like you are either going backwards or starting all over again

July 17, 2021

Cbd oil and Gummies

I was just wondering about people's thoughts and experiences with cbd oil. Was it positive or negative? Any benefits or things to look out for? Recommendations on research and getting more information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

April 1, 2021

I haven't felt like this before

I am very thankful that I got my second dose. I went to bed thinking all was well just a sore arm. I woke up with the worse migraine I have ever had. My arm is sore and hot and my body aching everywhere as well as chills. I took the day off and I have been sleeping on and off. Hopefully it will be better. I am dizzy and light-headed too. Glad I got a bunch of powerade yesterday. I have my internship and class tonight. What a day. Still thankful but it has to get better. Still worth it though because I can see my mom.

February 18, 2021

Oh my goodness (pipe split)

So I lost heat and was using space heaters. The guys came to try to thaw out the pipes in the living room. It was looking good. My son's room looks ok too. But when they got to my room, there is a split so they will have to replace pipes. The question now is where did the water go? Ok they went to get stuff and came back. We'll see what happens. Making hole in closet to fix the minor leak that was found. These guys are awesome. I know I lucked out big time. I just have to clean my room afterwards because I had to put a bunch of stuff on my bed and moved stuff around so they could access the closet. There was a leak through the wall but the water went outside. Ok then heat is back. Hallelujah. I really lucked out big time. Feeling pretty grateful and relieved.

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