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Home country: USA
Current location: NJ
Member since: Fri Nov 4, 2016, 08:11 AM
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We can turn that "OK" hate symbol back to be about inclusion

It's sad when a good symbolic gesture is turned into a hate symbol. Maybe if we start associating that OK with love and inclusion, it will not be an alt right hijack. What if we use that symbol to show our acceptance of LGBT and to say we are "one with LGBT"? The alt right never wants to be associated with that group and imo that's the strongest group against them. It would need to be done at a national level in order for it to work and to be widely advertised. It's terrible that all this is associated with Number One Idiot. I can't even use the thumbs up gesture either for the fact that he's used it so often. Sad.sad.sad.

Warren is not my candidate. She's too short-sighted.

I like Warren, I wanted her to be the VP nominee in 2016. She was especially good in her interviews when she went up against the Wall Street conglomerates but that’s where it ends.

A few years ago, when she and Bernie made headlines voting down the TPP, I was skeptical. Now 3 years later, we see the effects of this deal and how China has stepped in an reaped the benefits of what was proposed in the pact. Lately, she has been touting a new TPP, one that limits relations based on standards. This is forcing the hand of countries who either will not or cannot afford to, which could complicate trade relations more. This seems to be a case of “too little, too late”.

The other issues that has made me realize that she is not my nominee choice is Al Franken.
She has openly berated and call for his resignation and had evenly told him privately to do so. This man, had the intelligence and courage to speak up for us, was railroaded with unproven accusations by his fellow senators. To this day, I’m still angry that a child-molestor sits on our SC, while a man with a prank sits jobless, his reputation damaged, and without support of his peers.




Yes, hindsight is 20/20, but her short-sightedness means she’s not good at playing the long game.
She stands on high ideals, but in this real world we need a player who can see the outcome of their actions.

So it’s down to Pete or Joe.

This touchy feely Biden is a conspiracy

So far as I've read, Biden has been accused of being touchy. Most were the honest touch of compassion. You may not like him but that should not stop him from being human. Babies survive through touch, dogs need touch, and people too. Many are uncomfortable with touch, that is not the way they were raised. In my home, I grew up with little contacts (hugs) and my spouse's family hugs everyone they see. When I first encountered that, I was uneasy. I think more families are now growing without contact hugs and it is misinterpreted. I think many are completely oversensitive. How many were felt up and down? How many were confronted with sexual innuendos? A comforting hug, is a hug to help heal. A touch of foreheads, is an acknowledgement of one's pain. Too many are ready to railroad him and lose supporters by speaking out too soon. There will be much infighting even as a read it here in DU. I don't want Trump for 2020.

Wanted: last night's SNL closing song

Last night on SNL, I heard one of the best Christmas song of the season. Why can't I find it posted anywhere? Even on DU someone posted the opening and the news segment but not that closing. There are only two references I found on the internet about it.

The USA Today reported lightly about it. But Hollywood Reporter gave it a better coverage.

I just want to hear it again. No vids can be found. What gives? Too controversial to touch?



Please, pray for a miracle for the caravan.

I'm very afraid that the caravan will be a catalyst for something terrible in our country. Sending troops to the border is the worse possible idea. These are soldiers with guns. I'm sure many of them have been pumped to be ready to kill. I dread and I fear what these poor people will face. There needs to be an intervention soon.

Kavanaughty is not just TRUMP's pick

The GOP has already confirmed him in their minds. They wail against the liberals for bringing up trumped up charges against their nominee. How they can say that when they got Neil Gorsuch into the SC? Is there not another SC nominee they can choose especially when this one is so corrupt? Where's the SC list? If anything, the GOP are the people trumping up the false allegations about democratic senators since they to be unyielding in this pick. First they choose someone stupid, now they want a sexual predator on the court. Something is wrong with these people.

It's official, we are the laughingstock of the world


These people are truly not grounded in reality.

We are not going to win over the older voters- *I meant Republican voters

Elections have become a game of my team and the other team. People are electing officials without knowing issues and only on party lines. Too many kids are still voting base on their parents' party affiliation. My kid's classmates raised their hands for a vote for tRump because as the kid said, "We are Republicans" with little idea of why they vote. We need to capture the youth vote. Artists and actors are helping and that's a start but there needs to be more, ads that appeal to the younger voters. Can we start a new #thecoolvotesforDems ? We are running out of time.

Has anyone mention any other Kavanaughty's other calendars?

It seems that he can produce the calendar for this year but what of subsequent or previous years before this? I know women keep diaries to mark eventful dates, maybe this is his way of marking his dates. This could be his "conquests" diary but since men tend not to "wax eloquent" on the subject, he keeps it brief by marking it on a calendar. I'd be more interested in the nights he gets to stay out with stars markings. Just saying.

Apparently DRumps tariffs are helping


Our local NJ paper reprinted this article word with the exception of the last line, "Growth is expected to slow next year, and many economists are forecasting a recession in 2020." After reading the local article, I checked the original article from USA today. It really gives this bucksh1t artist such a positive spin. Does anyone know who is "Reshoring Initiative"?
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