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Moebym's Journal
Moebym's Journal
January 22, 2022

This is an all-hands-on-deck moment

which means everyone, including those who are dissatisfied with the Biden-Harris admin and the Democrats in Congress, needs to get down to work.

This is not the time for anyone to let their personal dissatisfaction with the president and his party give the Republicans one more vote with which to reverse the progress we've made and take power away from us ordinary people forever.

I truly don't know how to make this point any clearer.

I can't bear to see Biden's low poll numbers, the gloating from Republicans who are already sure they will take back both chambers, or the relentlessly negative coverage of Biden and Democrats from the media.

I can't bear thinking of Election Day in November and the possibility that low turnout on our side and enthusiasm on the right will doom us to another long period of darkness.

I can't bear the uncertainty.

January 10, 2022

The nerve of this man (and his supporters).

30+ years in the Senate, but he paints himself as "anti-establishment", which his supporters gleefully parrot without thinking.

In his 80s, but his supporters jeer at Biden and Pelosi for being octogenarian politicians.

Few notable achievements to his name over his lengthy career, yet he is on TV several times a week to complain about how Democrats are doing this or that the wrong way.

Independent party affiliation, but caucuses with Democrats and ran for president as a Democrat, twice. Americans rejected him twice, yet his supporters insist he was the rightful winner both times (sound familiar?).

But the media loves him for giving them endless fodder for pushing the "Democrats are weak and ineffective" narrative.

He is not an ally. True allies do not backstab as he has, many times.

January 10, 2022

You're one of us, Bernie. Supposedly.

You ran as a Democrat for president, twice.

You caucus with the Democrats in the Senate.

But when two conservative Dems are holding up the BBB - 4% of the Democratic caucus, meaning 96% of them are in support - you conveniently invoke your Independent party affiliation to criticize the party as a whole.

You don't think that, with your grandstanding, you aren't also letting the working class down?

Spare us this performance, Bernie. We've known from at least 2016 that you are all hat and no cattle.

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