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Member since: Mon Oct 31, 2016, 07:09 PM
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MSN: Biden administration to return billions in border wall funding diverted from Pentagon


"The Biden administration is returning to the Pentagon billions in funds diverted by President Donald Trump to build the wall at the southwestern border, and plans to cancel all related construction contracts, an administration official told ABC News on Friday."

Well well well so much for that damn wall

Another Jen Psaki takedown of a RW journalist - OUCH!



Love Jen. Love her dismissing arm movement and calm demeanor when she cuts off the nutters' nonsense spewing heads.

What i made this morning: Vietnamese Pho

Had a hankering for a good bowl of hot steaming pho noodles, so i parboiled some beef bones & threw in a couple chunks of brisket (grub for the hubby) to flavor the broth. Then i washed the bones &brisket, put them in a 7-quart crockpot along with aromatics &spice seasonings, &let simmer on high for about 15 hours in time for dinner. How do yall make your pho broth& for how long do you let it simmer?

Pho is one dish i can have any time of the day, especially when i'm under the weather. Very comforting, satisfyingly good & filling.

Shut the front door! - young Dems now like Biden more than Bernie


31% Biden to 28% Bernie...who'da thunk it?!%&#!

Biden on Pace to Administer 200 Million Vaccine Doses in First 100 Days -- What to Know


The Biden administration has upped its initial COVID-19 vaccination goal to 200 million doses administered in the first 100 days of his term.
The White House also outlined a four-part plan to increase the availability and access to vaccination sites.
Currently, 46 states are track to open vaccine eligibility to all adults by May 1.
The vaccine rollout, however, is continuing to play out very differently in individual states based on available supplies and local vaccine hesitancy.

This past Thursday i got my first Pfizer dose @a Walgreens, and my daughter got hers at the county's mass vaccination location (at a drivethru event in the parking lot of a sports complex). She said the rollout was very orderly. My experience at Walgreens was also very orderly. Before and after me there were several vaccine recipients, and we each were processed and in & out in a half hour, including the 15 minutes post-shot wait period. The nurse giving the shots was very professional and caring. I could not have asked for better and other than the slight arm soreness for a couple days, had no reactions at all. More importantly, i was so relieved that both my daughter & i finally got vaccinated.

Current vaccine administered is 162M - the work of a highly competent administration :
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