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Member since: Mon Oct 31, 2016, 08:09 PM
Number of posts: 9,937

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IL just went to Joe per MSNBC!!

NJ & NM goes to Joe per MSNBC!!

MN - Biden leads 57 to 40 per MSNBC, 46% reporting

Iowa - Biden leads 55 to 43 per MSNBC just now, with 55% reporting

Surprisingly that's a big lead

NYT just called CA for Biden!!


205 Biden to 112 the Con

OR & WA goes to Joe per MSNBC!!

Joe takes New Hampshire per MSNBC!!

MSNBC has called New Mexico for Biden

Colorado just announced for Biden on MSNBC

Determined to vote, 89-year-old Merced veteran signs ballot while strapped to gurney


After spending 26 years in the Air Force as an aerospace ground equipment specialist, Merced’s Richard Howard takes the privilege of voting in elections seriously.

Howard, 89, has participated in every election.

“He doesn’t miss voting,” said daughter Kathryn Howard Taylor. “He never ever misses voting, period.”


My salute to this patriotic veteran!!

If this doesn't inspire you i don't know what does.
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