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Member since: Mon Oct 31, 2016, 07:09 PM
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GA Senate race - "The Senate follows the White House" - This is doable!!!

Folks, Richard Lui (Steve Kornacki's standin) on MSNBC was just talking about this:

Re: Ossoff/Perdue race: Only ~100K votes gap between the 2. Ossoff needs to close the gap and exceed this number to win.

Re: Warnock - this one is practically in the bag. Warnock lead by over 10 percentage points over the GOP opponent. With the 3rd candidate now out hopefully votes will go to Warnock.

Lui pointed out the fact that since 2012 the Senate follows the WH, an assuring fact but we know nothing's for sure. Won't be easy given we need to keep Obamacare, election security, voting rights act, and everything else. I'm thinking now that all other races are over Dems can throw their time & resources to help Ossoff & Warnock win. This is very doable.

What are you doing to celebrate Joe & Kamala's win?

We're having takeout tonight - our 22-year-old decided

MSNBC - Soon: Results out of PA with Biden on brink of winning presidency

MSNBC is flashing this right now

CNN: Airspace now restricted over Biden's home


New restricted "national defense airspace" has been put in place over Democratic nominee Joe Biden's home in Wilmington, Delaware.

The Federal Aviation Administration posted the Temporary Flight Restriction on Wednesday, the day after the general election. An FAA notice to pilots available online shows the one mile radius no-fly zone is now active until next Wednesday morning.

The FAA says airspace has also been temporarily restricted over the nearby Chase Center, where the stage is set for a possible Biden victory speech – should he ultimately win the presidential election.

More US Secret Service agents have also been sent to Wilmington, Delaware, in anticipation of a potential Joe Biden presidential win, CNN has learned.

The extra Secret Service agents were sent to Delaware on Thursday, two sources said, with one law enforcement source telling CNN, “This was anticipated.”

Yes please protect our president-elect!!

PENNSYLVANIA most likely will be called TONIGHT per MSNBC!!!

Just heard this reported on MSNBC.

Breathe folks, breathe!! We are on the cusp of saving democracy at the Birthplace of Democracy!!

GEORGIA - may come down to razor thin margins

Morning Joe is reporting there's ~25K ballots left to be counted, and the Con's lead is ~18K. Assuming 75% (18,750) of these ballots go to Joe, it remains to be seen if GA will be a win for Joe. My guess is he may eek out a verrrrrryy slim victory.

MSNBC also mentioned the results are expected to be announced by noon today.

KAMALA - first Black/Asian VP (and female VP) of the United States!!

Folks, all focus has been on Joe, as it should be. But we haven't talked about Kamala last day or so.

Here's to Kamala, a great VP-elect!!

Wooohooo that horrid Wilco Sheriff Chody got his butt kicked yesterday by Officer Gleason

Chody is the guy who was in that Live PD show that resulted in the deaths of Javier Ambler & a couple other people. Gleason is a good good family man & a sensible cop.

Robert Chody* (Republican) 119,540
Mike Gleason (Democrat) 152,494

MSNBC is saying by 7pm today per GA's SoS they should have all votes counted & should have

results. They still have tens of thousands of votes to count.

Dear Lord please keep my blood pressure down

Joe is about to speak - per MSNBC

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