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Member since: Mon Oct 31, 2016, 08:09 PM
Number of posts: 11,721

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BuildBackBetter.gov - such diversity of racial makeup & talent in a government administration!

As someone said, Dems have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to talented people.
And OMG such an array color. This is what America truly looks like!

Hate all the bad news going on so giving us something to be thankful for this Xmas Eve.
Biden will be POTUS in 26 days, Kamala will be the FIRST WOMAN & FIRST WOMAN OF COLOR VeeP, and we'll have an amazing group of people to properly run the government.

Alot to be thankful for so Merry Christmas everyone!

WaPo: Trump raises more than $150 million appealing to false election claims


President Trumpís political operation has raised more than $150 million since Election Day, using a blizzard of misleading appeals about the election to shatter fundraising records set during the campaign, according to people with knowledge of the contributions. The influx of political donations is one reason Trump and some allies are inclined to continue a legal onslaught and public affairs blitz focused on baseless claims of election fraud, even as their attempts have repeatedly failed in court and as key states continue to certify wins for President-elect Joe Biden.

Much of the money raised since the election is likely to go into an account for the president to use on political activities after he leaves office, while some of the contributions will go toward whatís left of the legal fight. The donations are purportedly being solicited for the Official Election Defense Fund, which is blazed in all red across the Trump campaignís website, with an ominous picture of the president outside the White House.

There is no such account, however. The fundraising requests are being made by the Trump Make America Great Again Committee, a joint fundraising committee that raises money for the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee. As of Nov. 18, that committee also shares its funds with Save America, a new leadership PAC that Trump set up in early November and which he can use to fund his post-presidency activities.

The contributions, from thousands of grass-roots donors across the country, are split into several accounts, including the leadership PAC that is loosely regulated and could be used to personally benefit the president after he leaves the White House.
According to the fine print in the latest fundraising appeals, 75 percent of each contribution to the joint fundraising committee would first go toward the Save America leadership PAC and the rest would be shared with the party committee, to help with the partyís operating expenses. This effectively means that the vast majority of low-dollar donations under the current agreement would go toward financing the presidentís new leadership PAC, instead of efforts to support the party or to finance voting lawsuits.

Grifters gonna grift

Newsweek: Biden to Name First Cabinet Picks Tuesday


President-elect Joe Biden will name his first Cabinet picks Tuesday as he continues to push on with preparing for the presidency despite President Donald Trump's continued refusal to concede and disdain at the Democrat's push to form his administration.

Ron Klain, who has been named as Biden's chief of staff, detailed this forthcoming announcement on Sunday though would not be drawn on what posts would be outlined nor who might fill them.

Speaking on ABC News' This Week he said: "You're going to see the first of the president-elect's cabinet appointments on Tuesday of this week, meeting the pace, beating in fact the pace that was set by the Obama-Biden transition, beating the pace set by the Trump transition.

Can't wait!

Lincoln Project: Don't call them leaders


Ouch! TLP seems to want to thwart the 2024 presidential aspirations of these GOP cowards by calling them out now. I hope they'll keep runing this add continually from now till then.

MSNBC: Chris Coons rumored for Secretary of State position

Wow! I really like Senator Coons, extremely knowledgeable and amazing calmness and grace. But i was also under the impression the role would go to Susan Rice.

Haven't found an article on this but here's CNN's link on new appointees:

Can someone explain what a president's Chief of Staff does?

Trying to explain to my daughter but i'm a bit clueless too

Thank you kindly

Were the Bidens at the wreathing laying ceremony earlier today?

I think i had caught a glimpse of them from the msnbc coverage but then they kept the camera on the Con soon as he arrived & for the entire time during the ceremony.

I was wondering if the Con would come over to say hello to, or at least acknowledge, the Bidens but of course not.

Ashley Biden!!!


Well i don't agree with the headline re: Ashley poised to step into Ivanka's shoes. They can't be more different.

BUT i do hope, as the article says, that Ashley & her plastic surgeon hubby Howard Krein will be there to help him. They have no kids so i think she will have more time to devote to assisting Biden administration.

I saw Ashley accompany her dad & nephew to Mass this morning and was intrigued, as she does not like to be in the limelight, unlike Ivanka. Personally i think Ashley's a poised, lovely young lady whose accomplished, very well spoken, an empathetic humanitarian and philanthropist.

Buildbackbetter.com is fully up now - Biden/Harris admin PRIORITIES


Economic Recovery
Racial Equity
Climate Change

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