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Abbott's pulling a Dumpster move: threatens to intervene in Austin's "homelessness crisis"


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott presented Austin and its Mayor Steve Adler with an ultimatum Wednesday: “Demonstrate consequential improvement in the Austin homelessness crisis” by Nov. 1 or the state will step in.

The SOB!! This is a city matter. Butt out Abbott.

Huffpost: 9 Unanswered Questions In The Whistleblower Complaint - Puny Pence & LowBarr involvement


1. Which White House officials were in on the call?

2. Which White House officials ordered the call transcript to be locked down and improperly classified? Which officials carried out the order?

3. What did former Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats know, and when did he know it?

4. What was Attorney General William Barr’s involvement?

5. Did Ukrainian officials believe they needed to “play ball” with Trump?

6. Did U.S. officials believe Ukraine feared losing military aid?

7. Why did Mike Pence cancel his trip to Ukraine?

8. Why was U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch removed from office?

9. Did the White House improperly file other call transcripts with foreign leaders on the classified server?

Great article on these unanswered questions, lots of good info.

Jonathan Chait: The Ukraine Scandal Is Not One Phone Call. It's a Massive Plot.


On July 25, President Trump held a phone call in which he repeatedly leaned on Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden and Paul Manafort’s prosecutors. The episode is so blatantly inappropriate even Trump’s most fervent apologists are, with a few exceptions, having trouble defending it. What they are trying to do, instead, is define this phone call as the entire scandal. Trump emphasizes that he “didn’t specifically mention the explicit quid pro quo” of military aid in return for the investigation.

That is true, as far as it goes. The quid pro quo in the call, though perfectly apparent, is mostly implicit. But the real trick in Trump’s defense is framing the call as the entire scandal. The scandal is much more than that. The call is a snapshot, a moment in time in a months-long campaign that put American policy toward Ukraine at the disposal of Trump’s personal interests and reelection campaign...

The White House–issued summary of Trump’s phone call with Zelensky shows the American president pressing his counterpart to undertake the twin investigations. After Trump asks Zelensky to investigate Biden, and Zelensky makes accommodating noises in response, Trump promises to have Giuliani and Attorney General William Barr call him. Barr also was involved in preventing Congress from seeing the whistle-blower complaint, and the call summary shows that he had a personal interest in doing so. Add Barr to the list of impeachment witnesses.

There may be many others. Last night on Fox News, Giuliani held up a phone he said included messages with official authorization for his activities. “You know who I did it at the request of? The State Department,” he said. The scheme to shake down Ukraine was a massive plot, spreading through the government and corrupting multiple officials. Trump had a lot of accomplices.

I watched Chris Hayes on MSNBC cover this last night. You can see he was so visibly shaken by the stark level of corruption in the details that came out of this redacted transcript he could hardly contain himself.

Democrats' Path To National Power In The 2020s Runs Through Small Races In Texas


It’s all about redistricting, the process by which governors and state legislators draw each state’s legislative and congressional districts, and which occurs every ten years, after each census. In recent decades, the Democratic party has overlooked the importance of state legislature races, giving Republicans tremendous power to draw district boundaries that give them a substantial partisan advantage.

If Democrats can win races like Hirsch’s and take back the Texas House in 2020, they’ll have a voice in Texas’ redistricting process. That could ensure that, in future elections, Dems have a much more level playing field in the huge, blue-trending state.

“We flipped 12 [seats] in 2018, we have to defend all 12 of those. … But we have to flip nine more and my race has to be one of them,” Hirsch told HuffPost. “There’s limited opportunity for Democrats to have a voice.”

Texas Republicans know exactly what’s at stake, too.

“There is nothing more important — not only to Texas, but literally the nation — than to make sure that we maintain the Texas House” going into redistricting, Republican state Sen. Kelly Hancock said at a Tea Party event in June. If “we lose Texas, we lose the nation. And there’s no other place to go.”


This is damn good. Glad Sharon Hirsch is running again given she lost last year by such a small margin. Plano TX is an affluent city full of BLUE voters. Dems need to also focus on winning control of state legislatures. Redistricting (more correctly, GERRYMANDERING) is the product of GOP having control of the levers of power at the state level.

SPOILER ALERT: Women's world cup soccer update

USWNT defeats France 2-1

They face British team next Tuesday

VIDEO of the game-winning goal:

Preet's got a new book out: Doing Justice: A Prosecutor's Thoughts on Crime, Punishment and the Rule


“Imagine what it would look like now if I were still US attorney and it became known that I had quiet little chats with the president at the same time we were investigating the Trump organisation and Michael Cohen. So I didn’t call back, and it’s one of the best decisions I ever made.”

I will be getting a copy. He's on Morning Joe now.

Neal Katyal: Presidents do not have latitude to define emergency as a contravention to Congress


For everyone worried about this contrived national emergency, Constitutional scholar Neal Katyal explains it well on this segment. Some points from his comments below referring to the Idiot's ill-conceived national emergency:

- This is a Constitutional disgrace, antithetical to the Constitution...
- Article 1 of constitution: "No money shall be drawn from the Treasury but in consequence of appropriations made by law."

- The Founders' message is clear. Trump's legal advisors are giving him bad advice when they try to reprogram funds on grounds of a national emergency. The president not getting what he wants from Congress is not a national emergency.
This will be challenged in court immediately, and is easy to throw out.

- Re: the $2.5B from DoD drug interdiction program, this is not in the jurisdiction of DoD...Constitution lets Congress decide after appropriations.

- Presidents do not have latitude to define emergency as a contravention to congress.

Love Neal Katyal

NBC's Brokaw apologizes for saying Hispanics should 'work harder at assimilation'


After a long and accomplished career, Tom Brokaw either seems to be struggling for a new self-identity, or has morphed into an enfeebled, cantankerous uncle who can't keep himself from blurting out his absurd opinions.

Dems 2020 messaging must feature front & center the cost of Shutdown to remind all of America

not to mention the
- economic cost of 7.1 BILLION: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2019/01/25/shutdown-carries-price/2678304002/

- the chaos to the entire nation:

- and the PAIN & SUFFERING to ~1 MILLION federal workers and their families, especially the low income:



Nancy P & Chuck Schumer are doing a good job expressing the message. All the candidates and the party as a whole need to be unified in the messaging going forward: this is the horror we endure when we vote for such an incompetent candidate.


4 progressive Democrats named to House Oversight Committee - AOC, RTlaib, Ayanna Pressley, Ro Khanna

Source: Axios

4 members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus — Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (N.Y.), Ro Khanna (Calif.), Ayanna Pressley (Mass.) and Rashida Tlaib (Mich.) — were named Tuesday night to the House Oversight Committee.

Why it matters: The influential Oversight Committee, led by Rep. Elijah Cummings, will serve as a powerful check on the Trump administration, which has accrued a laundry list of potential subpoena targets over the past two years. The four new members — all of which, besides Khanna, are freshmen — have been exceptionally outspoken in their criticism of the administration, with Tlaib in particular making headlines recently for her expletive-laced call to impeach President Trump.

Read more: https://www.axios.com/progressive-democrats-alexandria-ocasio-cortez-house-oversight-committee-a9baf

Take note: All 4 are MINORITY Reps
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