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Gender: Female
Hometown: Montana
Home country: USA
Member since: Mon Oct 31, 2016, 02:23 PM
Number of posts: 17,434

Journal Archives

I typed all of my symptoms into WebMD


Montana sees its first Covid19 death.

Darn it. It was only a matter of time, I know. Stay home Montana. Please stay home.


I'm married...but totally have a crush on this guy...


Montana just got a shelter in place order

starting at midnight tomorrow night. Itís the right thing to do but I am still worried about making ends meet.

Weíre a self employed family...we just had a staff meeting to tell our employees that they have to stay home. We have let them know theyíll still get paid. Iím not sure how thatís going to get it done...we have a little savings for emergencies...and I called the bank to make sure we would have access to a line of credit should we need it. Here we go...

Amazon scam alert!

I got up this morning to see 10 order verification notices from Amazon in my email box. None of the purchases were mine. I immediately contacted the sellers in an effort to cancel the purchases but in the middle of doing so, my inbox began filling with shipping notifications for these 10 items that I did not buy totaling $781.93.

First, I removed my credit card from my Amazon account and called American Express to notify them of the fraudulent charges. The Amex person told me the 10 separate charges were pending but could possibly still post and if they did, he would note on the account that all of the charges would be disputed. We cancelled my Amex card and ordered a new one. I will have to continue to monitor my Amex account to make sure the charges are properly disputed.

Next, I went back into Amazon and changed my password and signed up for a two step authentication for future sign in activity. I double checked that my shipping addresses (one for home and one for our business) had not been changed without my knowledge. I disabled the one-click purchasing option.

Finally, I requested a phone call from Amazon to notify them of the fraudulent charges. I spoke to Allyson who was working from home in Denver. She filed reports for all the the 10 orders noting them as fraudulent and verified my password changes etc. She stated she had seen this kind of activity of late and that it was very likely that the packages would never show up - hence the fraud. If the items did in fact ship, since all of the items were shipped out of China, they would be delivered USPS because they would have to go through Customs as they entered the country. She recommended that I refuse all packages and send them back unopened.

Didn't need this drama at all today but all in all it only took a couple hours to get it nipped in the bud...at least I hope I nipped it. Amazon was incredibly responsive, which I did not expect.

PS - Allyson from Amazon told me that while she was working from home along with her husband and their two kids, her neighbors were partying in the street and in each other's back yards for the last 10 days. She was horrified.

Our local hospital put out a plea on social media for N95 masks.

An elderly friend of mine had a box of 10 that she keeps on hand for wildfire season when our air gets bad. She has asthma and COPD. She kept one mask for herself and offered the remaining 9 to the hospital. The immediately sent a courier to pick up the masks.

Health care workers are hanging by a thread.

Costco was out of toilet paper today.

All brands. I got their website on my phone and tried to order it because Iíve done that before...since I buy TP for home and our two businesses. The website said TP was not available to be shipped to my zip code. I went to Target and they were out of TP too as well as all hand sanitizers and bleach wipes. Shelves were empty.

We donít get much for weather disasters up here where people clean the stores out so this was a first for me.

Michael Moore to the white courtesy phone...

Emphasis on the color of the phone. Last night Moore claimed that SC wasnít representative of America because they went for Biden. Iíll just leave that here.

Seeking suggestions for menu ideas for feeding a film crew for an all day shoot.

My husband and I own a small business that is rapidly growing. We have hired a video artist/producer/director to produce short informational videos about our product to expand our YouTube channel and social media presence. The first shoot is this Saturday. The director asked that we donít take off site breakfast/lunch/coffee breaks so I will need to provide food and beverages for the production people and our staff to graze on throughout the day - 7 men and me. The guys on my staff are eaters! No vegetarians, vegans or gluten issues...just the director who says he doesnít eat a lot of carbs. I have a small kitchen at our shop including a full sized fridge and gas stove. I entertain quite often at home but for some reason, this project has me flummoxed on what to do for this spread. I want to have fun with it. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

UPDATE: We're still on site with the film crew. It has been a long day and my job as caterer is almost done. I have a couple more takes for my part in the video and then I'll start cleaning up. Thanks to all of you who gave me great suggestions. Here's the menu I went with:

Breakfast: Cinnamon swirl wheat bread, bacon knots, egg, sausage and cheese burritos, fresh strawberries, bananas, coffee, tea and warm cider.

Lunch: Green enchilada chicken soup (topped with jack cheese, tortilla strips, jalapenos, cilantro and sour cream). Taquitos, guacamole, salsa and chips, sliced veggies. Fruit seltzer water, Kombucha tea, various sodas. Macaroons and chocolate chip cookies.

Afternoon snack: Veggies and hummus, cheese and crackers, apple slices, cheddar cheese bread sticks, cookies from lunch.

Looks like the kegerator is seeing some action...

Women Mushers Sweep Montana Race To The Sky.

Jessie Royer of Seeley Lake won the 300-mile Montana Race to the Sky Monday night, building on her legacy as the musher with the most wins in the annual sled dog race.

Royer started her winning career in the Race to the Sky in 1994 at age 17 and continued with wins in 2015, 2016 and 2018. She still holds the record for youngest champion from her 1994 win. Seven of the last eight champions were also women.

Josi Thyr, a 26-year-old musher living in the Seeley Lake area, finished the 100-mile run of the Montana Race to the Sky sled dog race early Sunday, while her friend and mentor Jessie Royer threatened to turn the 300-mile race into a runaway.



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