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Gender: Female
Hometown: Montana
Home country: USA
Member since: Mon Oct 31, 2016, 02:23 PM
Number of posts: 17,431

Journal Archives

How are my fellow Montanans faring today? ETA: And, other friends from red states

who are feeling beat up...

Mental health check in if you feel up to it. I'm tired...I know you all must be too. I can't believe our results. Weed passes but none of our incredible candidates get elected? We have a thug for a governor now. What a tough day this is.

I'm thinking of you all and appreciate every single one of you.

Incredible turnout here in Missoula, MT.

The line out the door of the main Elections Office to vote goes as far as as I can see...it winds down the street, around the block and down a pedestrian path. This is only one of the places to vote in town. I drove past two ballot drop off points and they are well staffed and cars are bumper to bumper for blocks. There are several park and ride places where you can leave your vehicle and take the city bus to the polls. I followed one of the buses on my way to work and there were quite a few folks riding. Everyone is masked and socially distant. I'm thrilled to see this and I'm happy it is sunny and 43 degrees. A week ago we had 10" of snow on the ground. I hope everyone who can vote will have the opportunity to get it done today.

When will Bill Barr emerge from his den?

He is awfully quiet these days...

Vote for her.

I know im preaching to the choir here...but this new TLP ad is so powerful. I tell the guys in my household how meaningful it is to have leaders who look like me and live a life similar to mine. It matters.

This Biden ad! To get us across the finish line...



Voting view from Montana

I voted!! So happy to have it DONE. I drove the two ballots from my household to the Elections Office here in Missoula and the place was absolutely packed...both the walk in elections office and the drive through. The line of cars for the drive through drop box was wrapped around the block and has been all day long. I can say that because the Elections Office is a half block from my office. The drive through attendant told me he had just filled three ballot boxes and was filling the fourth for the morning. I most likely cancelled out the tRump humper's ballot ahead of me in the drive through line...so there's that.

Just had a black bear visit outside my bedroom window.

I was awake...looking at DU on my iPad and I kept hearing what I thought was my kiddo in the next room thrashing about in his bed. I realized it was outside...I opened my window and saw the plum tree shaking top to bottom. The bear was up in it knocking plums to the ground. The deer have grazed all the fruit from the reachable branches and the bear will get what’s left.

Binding Spell for MF45 and the Tower card...

We use the Tower card from a tarot deck to perform our monthly binding spell on the pResident. The Tower represents danger, crisis, destruction, and possible liberation. It is associated with sudden unforseen change and chaos.

Key Words for the Tower Tarot Card Meanings

Sudden Shift

Debates are not a service to voters any longer.

Clearly they are only about ratings. This is a travesty.

Help. UPS management contacts in Texas?

Do any of you happen to know someone who works for UPS in Texas? I'm specifically looking for a UPS manager in Dallas, Mesquite or Lone Star, TX...but would welcome any UPS manager in TX willing to talk to me. Long story short, I shipped a custom built wooden crate to a customer in Dallas that has come up missing. This crate is distinctive...it isn't a random cardboard box. The item inside this crate cannot easily be replaced. UPS is telling me it is lost and wants to write a check and be done with it.

The last physical scan of the crate was in Lone Star, TX on 8/22/20 and the crate should have then traveled to Mesquite, TX and gone out for delivery from there. UPS's "logical scan" (their term) tracking shows it in Mesquite but there isn't any physical proof that it actually made it there. My local UPS account rep is not getting anywhere on this. UPS account reps are not given peer to peer contact information within the company. My customer is being so patient and kind...he knows this isn't my fault and at the same time he is very disappointed. His pleasant demeanor over this makes me want to work that much harder to find this crate.

I know it is a long shot that one of you can help me...but you never know. Thanks in advance.
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