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Gender: Female
Hometown: Montana
Home country: USA
Member since: Mon Oct 31, 2016, 02:23 PM
Number of posts: 17,428

Journal Archives

So my child just asked me

if he should comply with a fire drill by leaving his classroom because what if it isnít a drill and somebody is waiting to shoot him? This is where we fucking are. These are the conversations weíre having in our house tonight. God damn it.

Thank you for the heart!!

One of you lovely people gifted me with a heart this morning. You have no idea how much I needed it...I came in from shoveling snow out of my chicken coop that had drifted in overnight. I was grumpy and mad at the snow and the heart melted my sour demeanor.

Iíll pay it forward! TGIF. 😍

THANK YOU for the valentine heart!!

Thank you for the heart!!!

This little gift of a heart MADE my day!!

Watch The 2018 Doomsday Clock Announcement Live

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists will host a live international news conference at 10 a.m. EST/1500 GMT on Thursday, January 25, 2018, to announce the 2018 time of the Doomsday Clock. Watch the announcement live at clock.thebulletin.org.

What time do you think it is?


Mark Your Calendar! Doomsday Clock Announcement.

The Bulletin Of The Atomic Scientists will make a Doomsday Clock Announcement January 25th 10am EST. This is a live event. The optimist in me hopes the scientists are moving the clock hands backwards but the realist in me knows what is probable. This group doesn't mess around and I, for one, will be paying attention. The current doomsday clock is set at 2 1/2 minutes to midnight.


Tweety is interviewing Donna Brazille right now.

She stated that the 2016 election was not legitimate...agreeing with HRC.

On a lighter note, her hair is bright purple! Mine's bright red so I'm not criticizing...it's just interesting!

Under the radar credit reporting agency!

So my 78 year old mother in law recently subscribed to Dish Network for television services. She got a letter today from Dish thanking her for her business but darn it, they could not give her their best monthly rate because of her credit score. Here's the kicker, she has a credit score of 817! So what the heck? Well, Dish was referring to her credit score through the NCTUE - National Consumer Telecom & Utilities Exchange. https://www.nctue.com/

NCTUE is a membership of companies that provide services (telecommunication, pay TV and utilities) and report and share data relative to their customersí accounts - including your SSN. My mother in law didn't get Dish Network's best rate because she had little or no credit history with the NCTUE. This is largely because she doesn't manage her own cell phone account (her kids do that) and doesn't use pay per view services and while she does have internet through Century Link, prior to signing up with Dish, she didn't have TV at her home. Because she isn't a consumer of much media, they are dinging her on her monthly rate. She's fuming and so am I on her behalf.

You may call the NCTUE and request your credit report and score which my accountant recommended and you can also freeze your account. I requested mine today and will look for errors prior to freezing it as I have all my reports. The NCTUE is housed and managed by.....wait for it...EQUIFAX.

How Much Religeon Should Be Discussed In Our Public Schools?

So, my 7th grader comes home from school yesterday with a homework sheet assigned by his Social Studies teacher. It is a crossword puzzle to be filled in with facts about the Church In Medieval Europe. My son proceeded to read some of the questions from the puzzle and I must say I was surprised at the content of the assignment. Some of the questions were:

-Person who oversaw the archdioceses?
-Who is second to the Pope?
-What is solemn rite of Christian churches?
-The study of God and religious truth?
-What is the celebration of Christ's Resurrection?
-Famous Italian saint who helped the poor?
-Number of sacraments?
-First important sacrament?

You get the drift of this thing. As a former Catholic, I'm a bit nerved up that my kid is learning this stuff in public school. I don't know if they will also be exposed to Islam or Judaism too or just Christian history and facts? Am I overreacting? Should I let this go? I plan to call his teacher and ask these questions, however, I'm asking for feedback from DUers on this. Any suggestions for additional questions for the teacher?

Thanks! This kept me up last night...

Havre Couple Running In Opposite Senate Primaries

This two people (allegedly married) are running against each other for Jon Tester's Senate seat. I found myself gasping numerous times as I read this article. Seems crazy con schemes are the norm in politics these days. Be very careful my fellow Montanans!


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