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Gender: Female
Home country: US
Current location: Southern Plains
Member since: Fri Oct 28, 2016, 08:36 PM
Number of posts: 13,358

About Me

Lifelong Democrat

Journal Archives

Update on journalist Vladimir Kara-Murza, Jr - "acute poisoning"

The wife of well-known Kremlin critic Vladimir Kara-Murza, Jr., who fell critically ill last week in Moscow for the second time in two years, said doctors have diagnosed him with "acute poisoning by an undetermined substance." 

Yevgeniya Kara-Murza told RFE/RL on February 6 that samples of her husband's blood, hair, and fingernails have been sent to a private laboratory in Israel in an effort to identify the toxin that triggered his sudden illness.

"We want to get some samples tested again to try to determine what this 'unidentified' substance may be," she told RFE/RL in a Facebook message.

Doctors at the Moscow hospital where Kara-Murza is being treated could not immediately be reached for comment. 


(found this via Malcolm Nance twitter acct.)

Malcolm Nance's twitter feed re: Sebastian Gorka, who is

deputy assistant to the president:

J. O'Keefe-Odom

Watch Sebastian Gorka. His appearance looks like real danger to me. Maybe somebody knows him from JFKSWC. @MalcolmNance@nadabakos
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J. O'Keefe-Odom
@MalcolmNance @nadabakos This is the first friendly who looks like an enemy in this to me.
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J. O'Keefe-Odom

@MalcolmNance @nadabakos In US under 10 years and now in White House job? His degrees are fluff. Just looks like a security violation.
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Malcolm Nance 

@AgXphoto @nadabakos You have been reading my mind for years. His entire claim to fame is world class slamophobe corrupting Marines/SOF
5:11 PM - 5 Feb 2017

(I assume Mr. Nance meant "Islamophobe" there, eh)

Whoa, Malcolm Nance talking about Alexandre Dugin on "All in With

Chris Hayes" (Joy Reid subbing) - I just caught the last end of his segment, but it replays again at 10pm EST - msnbc

Word's gettin OUT

Ah, remember those halcyon days of yore, when we used to have heated discussions

about "conflicts of interest", "the emoluments clause " - you know, "ethics" stuff!

"Oh well..."- - At least the heroic Walter Shaub is still at his post, but only, I bet, because someone forgot to can him in the midst of all this chaos -


"I was trained for the culture wars in home school awaiting someone like Mike Pence as a Messiah"


I grew up in the far-right evangelical conservative (Christofascist) movement; specifically, I was homeschooled and my parents were part of a subculture called Quiverfull, whose aim is to outbreed everyone for Jesus. I spent my teen years being a political activist. I was taught by every pastor I encountered that it was our job as Christians to outbreed the secularists (anyone not a far-right evangelical Protestant) and take over the government through sheer numbers. I was part of TeenPact,Generation Joshua and my local Teenage Republicans (TARS).

When the Tea Party rose in 2009, that was my culture. The Tea Party was step one. I was laying the groundwork for those elections in 2006. These people didn’t come out of the blue like it seemed. This plan, this Christofascist takeover of the US government, has been in the works for decades. When evangelical conservatism started becoming popular and more mainstream around the 1970s, the foundation was being laid for the tragedy playing out right now.

Evangelical conservatives started taking over their local republican parties and founding organizations like Operation Rescue, Homeschool Legal Defense Association, Family Research Council and Focus on the Family, just to name a few.

more at link

Soooo many trumpiteer tweeters' screen names now are "KGB Susie"

or "Deplorable KGB Ted" or like that...been that way a while...and I just gotta wonder, have you thought this through? I know it looks cool as shit on your computer screen, I get that, but

do you seriously want to live under Putin/Bannon/Dugin's thumb? Cause I think you're closing in on that dream quickly, and well - good luck with that, kiddies

"Jobs, jobs, JOBS!", right? - So hey, has DFT sent George Soros a big thank you note

yet for hiring all these protesters?? And surely Mr. Soros has had to hire a "tremendous" number of payroll accountants to keep up with all the checks he's now issuing, 24/7?

Oh wait, I guess the gropemeister actually CAN take credit for creating all these jobs jobs jobs -


(sarcasm icon here)

Oh goody!! "SpicerFacts" tweets:

Enter a topic, @name, or fullname
"You're free to leave the Hotel California whenever you'd like." #SpicerFacts pic.twitter.com/hce2BSTjtH
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Michael Blackman
Scott Baio has won more Oscars than Meryl Streep. #SpicerFacts
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Helene Wingens
If you say "period" at the end of a sentence then it's true. Period. #spicerfacts
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Dr. John
Rome actually was built in a day, and the Greeks paid for it. #SpicerFacts

Since hamsterhead is having the worst possible day of his life as of, like, this

morning, is there a chance in hell he'll look at Bannon/Flynn/Jared, blame them for being the worst "advisors" ever, and boot them to the curb??

Shout out to President and Michelle Obama!!

Are they having a terrible, horrible, really bad day today?

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