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via Malcolm Nance, twitter, re: Flynn:

Malcolm Nance 

What? This is huge. @mla13 says he was the keynote speaker. I hear the funeral march. twitter.com/mla1396/status…
12:09 PM - 13 Feb 2017

Mr. Nance is responding to Michael Adams' tweet from this morning:

Michael Adams

Now: NSA Mike Flynn no longer speaking today at Special Forces / SOLIC conference Target Indicator h/t @tampagirl19655 twitter.com/deftechpat/sta…
8:25 AM - 13 Feb 2017

Rest of responses to Adams:

I thank thee so much for my hearts, my DU brothers and sisters! Such a sweet surprise!! eom

Ruh roh - A. Jones reaaalllly no likey Priebus:

Radio host Alex Jones, who has served as an information pipeline to President Donald Trump, is pushing for the president to replace White House chief of staff Reince Priebus. Jones has claimed that Priebus is attempting to “sabotage” Trump’s agenda, said that he is “the worst of the worst,” and implied that he is connected to liberal financier George Soros.

Politico reported that Trump “is complaining to friends and allies about some of his most senior aides” and that people who have “talked with the president have begun to wonder about the future of Chief of Staff Reince Priebus. Several Trump campaign aides have begun to draft lists of possible Priebus replacements.”

Alex Jones is a toxic conspiracy theorist who has claimed that the United States government perpetrated the 9/11 attacks, Sandy Hook school shooting, and other catastrophes. He is a leading media ally for Trump, who has appeared on Jones’ program and repeatedly echoed his conspiracy theories. Jones has used his platform to warn Trump about perceived threats against him, such as supposed voter fraud. He is now warning Trump about Republicans like Priebus who are purportedly trying to “sabotage” his agenda.  


Just a heads up re: Standing Rock. My go-to source is Ruth Hopkins' twitter feed, and


Ruth is an award-winning writer for Indian Country Today, and it appears they've begun drilling again, plus outside players are hauling truckloads of trash in and dumping it, thus making the camps appear unsanitary, hence: a "shut 'em down due to health threat" ploy

No news link, as...well, there rarely is one...but here's Ms. Hopkins:


From NoDAPL:

Veterans Stand
We have reports that drilling began at 5:15 PM local time | #VetStand advance team is onsite, standby for more info ASAP #NoDAPL #NotOver twitter.com/RuthHHopkins/s…
View details ·

Retweeted Ruth Hopkins (@RuthHHopkins): There are trucks coming in from outside the area dumping trash at camp. This is a set up. #NoDAPL
View details ·

Vladislav Surkov, in da house ("please allow me - to introduce myself - ")

Sympathy for the Devil? Bannon haz it:

Surkov, the documentary journalist Adam Curtis said in a 2014 film, is “a hero of our time.” He went on to describe the Surkovian method:

His aim is to undermine peoples’ perceptions of the world, so they never know what is really happening.

Surkov turned Russian politics into a bewildering, constantly changing piece of theater. He sponsored all kinds of groups, from neo-Nazi skinheads to liberal human rights groups. He even backed parties that were opposed to President Putin.

But the key thing was, that Surkov then let it be known that this was what he was doing, which meant that no one was sure what was real or fake. As one journalist put it: “It is a strategy of power that keeps any opposition constantly confused.”

A ceaseless shape-shifting that is unstoppable because it is undefinable. It is exactly what Surkov is alleged to have done in the Ukraine this year. In typical fashion, as the war began, Surkov published a short story about something he called non-linear war. A war where you never know what the enemy are really up to, or even who they are. The underlying aim, Surkov says, is not to win the war, but to use the conflict to create a constant state of destabilized perception, in order to manage and control.


Whoa - just noticed - DFT's tweet, "If something happens blame him


I missed this sweeping condemnation of and threat to our ENTIRE judiciary system.

Not surprised, been expecting attack on courts, but by god, there it is, "AND THE COURT SYSTEM". The whole frickin institution is now, for all to see, square in his cross hairs.

Mind blown.

Donald J. Trump

Just cannot believe a judge would put our country in such peril. If something happens blame him and court system. People pouring in. Bad!
12:39 PM - 5 Feb 2017

Update on journalist Vladimir Kara-Murza, Jr - "acute poisoning"

The wife of well-known Kremlin critic Vladimir Kara-Murza, Jr., who fell critically ill last week in Moscow for the second time in two years, said doctors have diagnosed him with "acute poisoning by an undetermined substance." 

Yevgeniya Kara-Murza told RFE/RL on February 6 that samples of her husband's blood, hair, and fingernails have been sent to a private laboratory in Israel in an effort to identify the toxin that triggered his sudden illness.

"We want to get some samples tested again to try to determine what this 'unidentified' substance may be," she told RFE/RL in a Facebook message.

Doctors at the Moscow hospital where Kara-Murza is being treated could not immediately be reached for comment. 


(found this via Malcolm Nance twitter acct.)

Malcolm Nance's twitter feed re: Sebastian Gorka, who is

deputy assistant to the president:

J. O'Keefe-Odom

Watch Sebastian Gorka. His appearance looks like real danger to me. Maybe somebody knows him from JFKSWC. @[email protected]
View details ·    

J. O'Keefe-Odom
@MalcolmNance @nadabakos This is the first friendly who looks like an enemy in this to me.
View conversation ·    

J. O'Keefe-Odom

@MalcolmNance @nadabakos In US under 10 years and now in White House job? His degrees are fluff. Just looks like a security violation.
View conversation ·    

Malcolm Nance 

@AgXphoto @nadabakos You have been reading my mind for years. His entire claim to fame is world class slamophobe corrupting Marines/SOF
5:11 PM - 5 Feb 2017

(I assume Mr. Nance meant "Islamophobe" there, eh)

Whoa, Malcolm Nance talking about Alexandre Dugin on "All in With

Chris Hayes" (Joy Reid subbing) - I just caught the last end of his segment, but it replays again at 10pm EST - msnbc

Word's gettin OUT

Ah, remember those halcyon days of yore, when we used to have heated discussions

about "conflicts of interest", "the emoluments clause " - you know, "ethics" stuff!

"Oh well..."- - At least the heroic Walter Shaub is still at his post, but only, I bet, because someone forgot to can him in the midst of all this chaos -

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