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Don't take what I say too seriously...I'm a dumb-ass.

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A Right-Wing Billionaire Was Just Convicted of Bribery and He's Dragging Republicans Down With Him

The GOP candidate for governor in North Carolina is already being plagued by his connection to Greg Lindberg.

On Thursday, Greg Lindberg, one of the largest Republican political donors in North Carolina and a self-described billionaire insurance baron, was convicted of trying to bribe a state official who oversaw his businesses.

It’s a case that has torn the Republican firmament in the state apart—right before a pivotal election year with new maps that are expected to help Democrats pick up seats.

The April 2019 indictments against Lindberg were a bombshell. Lindberg had been secretly recorded by North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey, who was working with the FBI, as the businessman tried to bribe Causey with $2 million. The charges linked state GOP Chairperson Robin Hayes to the scheme, who promptly stepped down from his role. He pled guilty and is now awaiting sentencing. (Dallas Woodhouse—dubbed the “Roger Stone” of North Carolina politics and Hayes’ second hand—stepped down too.) The indictments also revealed that Republican Congressman Mark Walker’s political action committee received $150,000 from Lindberg at the same time Lindberg was asking Walker to exert pressure on Causey. (Walker is not accused in the case.)

read more at https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2020/03/a-right-wing-billionaire-was-just-convicted-of-bribery-and-hes-dragging-republicans-down-with-him/

Jah, never give me no gun

When things get really dark we should try to remember who we are...

Nevada anti-abortion license plates discontinued due to lack of demand


The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles confirmed Thursday that an anti-abortion specialty license plate has been discontinued after failing to prove its demand.

The “Values Life” specialty license plate debuted in July 2018 and had until Dec. 31, 2019 to receive 3,000 active registrations. It fell short of that quota.

According to a DMV spokesperson, 2,005 of the specialty were plates were registered by the midnight deadline.

The plate was a fundraising project of the Women’s Resource Medical Centers of Southern Nevada, which describes its mission as helping “save the lives of unborn children by sharing the love of Jesus Christ through spiritual, physical, emotional and educational support to our clients.” The center explicitly states it does not recommend, provide or refer for abortions.

Also discontinued for failing to garner enough support is the “Heritage of Sparks” specialty license plate, which featured Last Chance Joe and supports the Sparks Heritage Museum and Cultural Center.


We need to make our government child-proof


WASHINGTON — The Trump administration is preparing to finalize a host of high-profile rules in 2020, including policies that will impact everything from auto emissions to food stamp access.

With the November presidential election approaching, the administration is widely expected to make a push to wrap up pending regulations early in 2020 in an effort to bolster those rules against a possible Democratic administration that may seek to unravel Trump’s policies.

Trump administration officials have been effective at overturning the work of their predecessors.

With the help of the GOP-led Congress, the administration effectively torpedoed a slew of Obama-era regulations. After Trump’s inauguration, GOP lawmakers used the Congressional Review Act to overturn 16 Obama rules, according to the Center for Progressive Reform. That law had been used only once before that, when the George W. Bush administration overturned a Clinton-era rule dealing with workplace safety.

Regulatory experts predict the administration is working hard behind the scenes to ensure that their own policies aren’t as vulnerable. Trump’s roadmap was laid out in a recent regulatory timeline, which estimates the dates for finalizing federal agencies’ rules.

Food stamp restrictions, climate rule rollback, health care, campus sexual assault...

As the next election approaches, the carpet-baggers and monkey-wrenchers are laying waste to our government. Everything we have struggled for is at risk. If Dems lose this election we will likly see uranium mines in the Grand Canyon and advertisements for Trump golf courses on the moon guarded by U.S. Space Forces (insert your own comic cartoon music here).

Just as we all learned to make our homes child-proof, we now must learn to do the same for our government.

Please vote.

read more at https://www.nevadacurrent.com/2019/12/31/real-rush-of-trump-rules-expected-ahead-of-2020-election/

No title necessary

Almost all of the 2020 candidates are using bad email security practices

Was listening the BBC World News on NPR at work last night and heard this story...

Almost all of the 2020 candidates are using bad email security practices
It seems political candidates have yet to learn from the mistakes of the past.

“It is our full expectation that the cyber attacks against the 2020 U.S. presidential candidates will be more aggressive than we’ve seen before because these attackers continue to move away from content-based techniques and towards identity-based attacks, which many cybersecurity technologies cannot detect,” said Armen Najarian, Agari’s Chief Marketing Officer.

The research by Agari found that only 4 out of the 13 presidential candidates were employing the REJECT policy in DMARC; this meant that remaining 9 candidates’ supporters and donors were now vulnerable to phishing attacks. Also, it was found that advanced email security measures such as Advanced Threat Protection and Secure Email Gateways for both Google Suite and Microsoft office 365 weren’t being implemented by the candidates.

read more at https://reclaimthenet.org/2020-candidates-email-security/


A numismatic question for DUers

Came upon this coin...it looks to me like a Georgia commemorative quarter has been powerfully impacted by a Connecticut commemorative quarter. Can't say for sure whether it might have occurred in the mint or afterward. Anyone got any ideas?

Gimme shelter? City of LV passes controversial sleeping ban

I have to deal with homeless people at my workplace on a daily basis and it is a sore trial, but this is not the answer.

The City of Las Vegas frames it as a means of getting homeless people off the streets and connected with services.

Opponents call it an affront to humanity and an effort to criminalize the most vulnerable among us merely for being poor.

After a marathon hearing that took up much of the day, the council voted five to two in favor of the ordinance, with Knudsen and Diaz casting the dissenting votes.

read more at https://www.nevadacurrent.com/2019/11/06/gimme-shelter-city-of-lv-passes-controversial-sleeping-ban/



Adam Laxalt is going to be statewide campaign chair for Herr Marmalade


Nevada's first cannabis consumption lounge opens


Since recreational marijuana was legalized in Nevada in 2016, there’s been a great paradox. It’s legal to buy and possess recreational marijuana, but unless you’re a local resident or friends with one, there’s no place you can legally consume it. Efforts by the City of Las Vegas to greenlight public consumption lounges have been delayed until at least July 2021 by the state Legislature. But there are exceptions.

On October 5, the NuWu Cannabis Marketplace made history by opening the first cannabis consumption lounge in Nevada.

Located on sovereign land owned by the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe, the nearly 16,000-square-foot marketplace, located just north of the Fremont Street casino corridor, is not beholden to the same restrictions as the rest of the state. Instead, it’s self-regulated through the Las Vegas Paiute Cannabis Authority. As such, there are no Nevada marijuana taxes, no waiting rooms and no reason not to open a consumption lounge.

read more at https://lasvegassun.com/news/2019/oct/12/nevadas-first-consumption-lounge-opens/

When I grew up in Texas, they had drive-through liquor stores...
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