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There is no Privilege for illegal acts!


The title, when I copied it was "Spy chief says he couldn't share complaint earlier because of executive privilege."

Someone who know better correct me if I'm wrong here. There is no "privilege" to protect illegal acts. Didn't that get established back during Nixon's impeachment?

Is there the slightest chance Kavanaugh would resign if impeached?

I'm thinking NO. Because he doesn't have to fear the Senate convicting him. In my opinion, that would be the best scenario though. Impeachment hearings that bring out the evidence that is so embarrassing and personally damaging that he resigns.

The reason I don't see that happening is I believe he's a sociopath like Trump. I don't think there is anything that would cause him to reflect and resign. I doubt even pleas from his wife and kids could do it.

I certainly think he and Trump should both be impeached though. Regardless of the chances the Senate will convict. It is important that the Democrats take a stand and do the right thing. Some day, the pendulum will swing back and having done so will be important.
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