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Member since: Sat Oct 15, 2016, 08:41 PM
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No more indictments might just be a brilliant move by Mueller

Think about how they've said Mueller has overstepped his mandate. If the rest of the indictments come from SDNY and others they won't be able to make the case indictments about his foundation and taxes, etc. are improper because they came from Muller. Coming from regular prosecutors with obvious jurisdiction they are solid.

Let's be honest. Omar wants to talk about Palestinian Treatment. That's why she gets shut down.

I think, if people were honest, they'd acknowledge a major reason Ilhan Omar gets so much crap is she wants to talk about how the STATE of Israel and the hard-right in Israel treat Palestinians.

Her words may not be the most eloquent, nor the most well thought out when she speaks. So people take advantage of the fact she isn't polished in her presentation. They take her not-so-great wording and twist what she means to be what they want it to mean so they can discredit her and take her down before she can actually make us have that difficult discussion no one wants to have.

I don't know a lot of people here who are fond of Netanyahu and his far-right coalition. THAT'S who she's talking about when she makes statements. She's not talking about all Jewish people as a class. People know that if they're not being intellectually dishonest. But the politicians in DC, and many people here on DU do not want to have any discussion about whether or not the STATE of Israel and the hard-right in Israel, treat Palestinians poorly. I know I avoid the topic almost completely because I don't want to risk being banned for being called anti-Semitic.

Just as the Trump and the hard-right in the US deserve to be called out for their treatment of minorities, so too does Netanyahu and the hard-right of Israel for their treatment of people.

The GOP must be ecstatic they got BLM and Me Too Supporters fighting.

That is all.

Edited the title to make the idea clearer.

"An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind" - Gandhi

It seemed logical to post this.

Feel free to discuss.

Why is Neeson Getting Skewered?

I saw so many people here post that Northam should have come out and admitted to his behavior. Talked about it being bad and then how it it was improper. They said if he'd just done that he'd have been okay. That was only 48 hours ago.

Now, Neeson has done just that. Admitted his racist behavior, admitted how horrible it was and suggested that racism and bigotry still exist and we need to talk about it as part of overcoming it.


"It was horrible, horrible, when I think back, that I did that," he said.

"It's awful," Neeson continued. "But I did learn a lesson from it, when I eventually thought, 'What the f*** are you doing', you know?"

Shouldn't we be encouraging this sort of dialog the way this op-ed writer suggests?


Hmm, The Northam thing might be like Franken after all. Original story by former Brietbarter

It seems the guy who broke the story about Northam is a former Brietbart employee. It will be interesting to see how this finally plays out.


Howley said he is co-owner of Big League Politics, which he described as politically “independent.” He didn’t mention the site’s close connection to Republican and Virginia politics.

Big League Politics’ co-owners include Noel Fritsch, a consultant who worked for the campaign of Corey Stewart, a conservative, neo-Confederate sympathizer who unsuccessfully challenged Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine (D) for his seat last year, and Reilly O’Neal, another consultant who worked for Roy Moore, the Alabama Senate candidate who was accused by multiple women of harassment and child molestation.

In its short existence, the website has reliably boosted Trump, attacked Democrats and liberal figures and written many articles promoting a discredited conspiracy theory popular among far-right conservatives about the murder of a young Democratic National Committee staffer named Seth Rich in 2016.

Why the Hell are we not giving Northam credit/kudos for changing?

Does everyone here saying he needs to resign not realize some simple facts. First, he was still in school. Second, it was 30+ years ago in the South. Where I grew up in the South Minstrels still took place at that time. The mayor of the town appeared in black face.

The fact that the picture made it into the year book should tell you a lot about the environment in which he grew up.

Why isn't everyone here giving him credit for leaving those racist, bigoted ways behind? In the past.

This is not comparable at all to Kavanaugh. Who still picked a certain type of blonde for his law clerks right up until his appointment to the court.

Seriously, when does a person ever get forgiven by you people here who must have spotless lives?


People are clearly not understanding as kids in the South we were surrounded by this sort of thing. It was normal. There was NO reason for him to question whether or not this was offensive. I'll say it again. The fact it made it into the yearbook of a university should tell you that I'm not just excusing him by saying it was part of the environment - it WAS the environment. Hell, I had no clue that it was offensive until I was older than he was. We had 3 TV channels and NO internet. There wasn't anyone shouting down the rafters about these things back then.

I was at a Walmart Neighborhood store - not by choice - Almost all Gillette

I almost laughed out loud when I went to the shaving section and of the 15 or so rows of razors and blades all but 3 were Gillette.

Just made me all warm and happy inside.
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