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Ruth Bonner

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Member since: Sat Oct 15, 2016, 05:50 PM
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HBO - get out the vote - President Selina Meyer

Sorry if this has been posted before...


Habla y Vota

I watched a show with this name last night on HBO. Definitely worth watching - stories of people born in the U.S. and immigrants who are undocumented. Very hopeful story of Trump awakening a sleeping giant - Hispanic voters.

The woman I remember most from the video talked about her mother growing up in hard, hard poverty in Mexico. Her parents came to the states before she was born and her mother felt like she was in heaven because... running water. When the woman speaking was a child her family lived on the streets, as squatters. They had a shopping cart with all their belongings. As she grew up, she was very close with her mother - so close that when her mother was diagnosed with a received a terminal diagnosis she cared for her until the end. At times in her childhood when the family learned about resources that could help them, her mother tended not to connect with them - she was so grateful to be in the U.S. - and didn't want to be a burden, didn't want to take too much. Her fatal diagnosis wouldn't have been fatal if she had seen a doctor earlier, but she didn't want to be a burden. The rage and pain the woman feels when she hears people say that immigrants come to get free stuff, that they just take and take - are intense as she thinks of her mother, dying much too young, because she didn't want to take too much.

My parents grew up in poverty, too. I recognize this story. The poor are used to having little and often terribly reluctant to ask for anything because they expect they will be denied or have swallowed the societal message that they are at fault for being poor, that they don't deserve better.

We have such a long way to go...

I am greatly encouraged by the stories of the diverse individuals in the video.

Livestream of press conference? 10 minutes, yes?

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

Logging on to DU has become consistently disappointing because I keep expecting to see




Anyone else...?

Please suggest a site that is providing recommendations for House candidates...

I thought MoveOn used to have a slate of candidates across the US that were within striking distance of winning their race and could use donations.

Any suggestions for such a site?


Smart Clinton campaign ad in Indiana...

Indiana and Texas are behind most other states on most measures of citizen well-being, except...

Both states have very progressive policies regarding providing behavior therapy for autistic children. Health insurance companies are required to cover as many hours of therapy per week as needed (up to 30-40 hours) for as many years as the child needs. As a result, families with autistic children from other states often move to Indiana so they can get the therapy their child needs.

Indiana had a lot of families with autistic children and Hillary's team is airing an ad in which a Republican mother of an autistic boy notes that he occasionally flaps his hands and says how offended she was at Drumpf for mimicking the reporter who has uncontrollable movements of his arms and hands. She goes on to say that she doesn't agree with Hillary on many issues, but she will be voting for her because she is reasonable.

It is a very good ad - mother and two cute kids - and I found it powerful. You can feel her anger but she comes off as very thoughtful, someone worth listening to.

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